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From: Brian Wade, IBM, bkw at us dot ibm dot com

The TAB2GC ("Table to Google Chart") tool is a CMS application that can draw charts. The input is a flat CMS file describing one or more charts to be drawn. The output is a file of HTML containing JavaScript that invokes the Google Visualization API. Feed the HTML file into a browser and the browser will draw the charts.

The real power here is that TAB2GC is a CMS application that takes a CMS file as input and produces a CMS file as output. That CMS input file could have been built by any CMS application that scrapes up numbers somehow from somewhere. Consider for example this:

  1. MONWRITE file + Perfkit = a Perfkit listing
  2. Perfkit listing + a custom scraper = a TAB2GC input file
  3. TAB2GC input file + TAB2GC EXEC = an HTML file
  4. HTML file + a CMS-based web server = your charts

All of that can be done without manual intervention. No more cutting and pasting CMS-born numbers into a spreadsheet just so you can make a chart of them. Everything you need done can be done on CMS.

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Brian Wade, Mar 2021