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From Brian Wade, IBM:

This simple EXEC is a wrapper for PERFKIT BATCH. Instead of having to deal with all of the control files that feed a PERFKIT BATCH reduction of your MONWRITE file, you can just say PRFIT fn -- where fn is the filename of your MONWRITE file -- and let the exec drive PERFKIT to do the reduction.

In a PERFKIT BATCH reduction, there are several side files involved, each one of which says a little something about how PERFKIT is to do the reduction:

Side File Use
Points to the other side files
Tells PERFKIT what settings to use
Tells PERFKIT which reports to generate
Tells PERFKIT which trend records to generate
Tells PERFKIT which summary records to generate

If you are just getting started using PERFKIT to do batch reductions, it can be confusing setting up these files.

PRFIT EXEC comes with templates for building all of these side files: a $SETTINGS file, a $REPORTS file, and so on. PRFIT EXEC uses these templates to build side files for you for every reduction.

Moreover, PRFIT EXEC lets you build a single small addendum file that specifies settings and reports you want to apply to this specific reduction. You use the ( PRFIT option on the PRFIT command line to point PRFIT EXEC at this addendum file.

This scheme works pretty well for me. Most of my batch reductions are pretty much the same, but occasionally I do need an oddball report for something. So my addendum file for that reduction just specifies the oddball report I want, and voila, the LISTING file contains what I need.

This exec requires PERFKIT MODULE, which is licensed software and which is not supplied with this download package.