z/VM Version 4 Release 2 Resources

Updated: 06 Feb. 2007

This page was update to remove old/non-functioning links.

This page includes reference information specific to z/VM V4.R2 and made available in the time period following its announcement, until its withdrawal from marketing, May 31, 2002. Old, non-functioning links have been removed.

z/VM V4.2 Ended Service December 31, 2003.
See z/VM V5.3 for the newest z/VM release

Announcement information

  • Feb. 06, 2007: z/VM V5.3 Announced New
  • December 31, 2003
    z/VM V4 R2 End of Service
  • May 31, 2002
    z/VM V4 R2 Withdrawn from Marketing
  • January 2002: VM support is available for IBM TotalStorageTM Enterprise Storage Server new configuration options.
  • 26 October 2001: z/VM V4 R2.0 Generally Available

    Note these corrections to the z/VM V4 R2.0.announcement letter:
    -Correction to RACF Requirements:
    RACF V1R10.0 (5740-XXH) with APAR VM62598 (NOT VM62958) to run in 64-bit mode on a zSeries or equivalent, if a security product is needed

    -Correction to Technical Information packaging section:
    The correct form number for z/VM: TCP/IP Level 420 Planning and Customization is SC24-6019 (not SC24-5981).

  • 04 October 2001:
    z/VM V4 R2 Extends Core Technology Support for the IBM e(logo)server zSeries
    US: 201-286EMEA & LA: ZP01-0453

    New functions and features for the z900
    US: 101-308, EMEA: ZG01-0463

  • Sept. 18, 2001 (USA Letter)
    IBM Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) on Multiprise 3000

Ordering and Availablility

  • z/VM V4.2 Availability: October 26, 2001
  • SDO (System Delivery Offering)
  • Upgrading z/VM V4
  • Licensed Products Migration matrix for z/VM
  • Non-IBM Solution Developer matrix for z/VM V4 R2.0

z/VM V4R2 Reference information

Specification Sheets

  • The z/VM V4.2 Spec Sheet and the TCP/IP Spec sheet are no longer available.
  • z/VM V4.4 Spec Sheet (which includes the TCP/IP information)

Online product documentation and publications

  • z/VM V4 R2.0 General Information (GC24-5991)
  • z/VM V4 R2.0 Product library
  • CP and CMS Data Areas and Control Blocks
    New addition for z/VM V4R2.0 are the Monitor Record formats which replace the hardcopy book where they were documented in the past.
  • z/VM V4 R2.0 Program Directories