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RSU Content Information

The end-of-service in this case refers to the z/VM operating system itself, and is not a currency statement for the VM-related products listed.

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VM Product Level RSU Number Stacked Product RSU RSU Content
z/VM V4.4 UM97440 V4.4 Stacked RSU ZVM440
LE Function Level 4.4.0 UM97440   VMLE440
TCP/IP FL 440 UM97440   TCPIP440
HCD/HCM 440 for z/VM UM97440   ZVMHCD440
Performance Toolkit for VM UM97440   VMPTK440
OSA/SF 4.4.0 UM97440   VMOSASF440
DirMaint 4.1.0 UM97440   DIRM410
VM RTM 410 UM97440   VMRTM410
RACF 1.10.0 UM97440   RACFVM1100
z/VM V4.3 UM97430 V4.3 Stacked RSU ZVM430
TCP/IP FL 430 UM97430   TCPIP430
DirMaint 4.1.0 UM97430   DIRM410
LE Function Level 1.8.0 UM97430   VMLE180
OSA/SF 2.2.0 UM97430   VMOSASF220
VM RTM 410 UM97430   VMRTM410
VM PRF 4.1.0 UM97430   VMPRF410
RSCS 3.2.0 UM97430   RSCSV32
RACF 1.10.0 UM97430   RACFVM1100
z/VM V4.2 UM97420 Stacked RSU ZVM420
TCP/IP FL 420 UM97420   TCPIP420
DirMaint 4.1.0 UM97420   DIRM410
LE Function Level 1.8.0 UM97420   VMLE180
OSA/SF 2.2.0 UM97420   VMOSASF220
VM RTM 410 UM97420   VMRTM410
VM PRF 4.1.0 UM97420   VMPRF4.1.0
RSCS 3.2.0 UM97420   RSCSV32
ADSM 3.1.0/TSM 4.1.0 UM97420   ADSM312
z/VM V4.1 UM97410 Stacked RSU ZVM410
TCP/IP FL 410 UM97410   TCPIP410 FL 410
DirMaint 4.1.0 UM97410   DIRM410
LE Function Level 1.8.0 UM97410   VMLE180
OSA/SF 2.2.0 UM97410   VMOSASF220
VM RTM 410 UM97419   VMRTM410
VM PRF 4.1.0 UM97410   VMPRF410
RSCS 3.2.0 UM97410   RSCSV32
ADSM 3.1.0/TSM 4.1.0 UM97410   ADSM312
z/VM V3.1 UM97310 V3.1 Stacked RSU ZVM310
TCP/IP FL 3A0 UM97310   TCPIP3A0
LE Function Level 1.8.0 UM97310   VMLE180
OSA/SF 2.2.0 UM97310   VMOSASF220
RSCS 3.2.0 UM97310   RSCSV32
ADSM 3.1.0/TSM 4.1.0 UM97310   ADSM312