Last Updated: 13 August 2020

z/VM Overview

The z/VM hypervisor extends the capabilities of IBM Z and LinuxONE environments from the standpoint of sharing hardware assets, virtualization facilities, and communication resources. Together with IBM Wave, the comprehensive administration solution for z/VM-based virtual Linux server environments, z/VM makes it easier to receive the maximum value from large-scale virtual server hosting on IBM Z and LinuxONE. This includes software and personnel savings, operational efficiency, power savings, and optimal qualities of service. This virtualization technology is designed to enable organizations to run hundreds to thousands of Linux servers on a single IBM Z or LinuxONE server with the highest degrees of efficiency and elasticity, running with other IBM Z operating systems, such as z/OS and z/VSE, or as a large-scale enterprise LinuxONE server solution.

With z/VM and its Linux infrastructure, you can reduce the time between deciding on the acquisition of new servers and then implementing them because new servers can be easily deployed in a matter of minutes. With this powerful capability, you can launch new products and services without the exhaustive planning for purchasing, installing, and configuring new hardware and software that can be associated with conventional discrete hardware servers. Development groups that need test environments that are built and rebuilt rapidly to enable them to efficiently deliver their projects, handling change management in the process, can also benefit from this unique advantage.

IBM z/VM 7.2 delivers:

  • Next release for the z/VM Continuous Delivery model
  • New Feature - Centralized Service Management
  • New Feature - MSS Multi-Target PPRC exploitation
  • Support for the z/VM ADJUNCT environment
  • Foundational support for future enhancements
  • Upgrade to a new Architecture Level Set

For more details, refer to the z/VM 7.2 product information site

IBM z/VM 7.1 delivers:

  • Implementation of the z/VM Continuous Delivery model
  • Withdrawal of the Single System Image (SSI) feature and integrates the SSI function in the base, at no additional cost
  • Increases the level of engagement within the z/VM user community
  • Enhances the dump process to reduce the time required to create and process dumps
  • Upgrade to a new Architecture Level Set. This requires IBM zEnterprise EC12 or BC12, or later, IBM Z servers

For more details, refer to the z/VM 7.1 Resource page