Last Updated: 1 November 2022

Other z/VM and related education resources

The following is a collection of educational resources to assist you with your quest for knowledge about z/VM and related products. Whether you choose to attend traditional courses, technical universities (conferences), user groups, or to converse with others via online forums, you can benefit from the wealth of experience in the worldwide z/VM and Linux communities.

Formal z/VM related classes and training from IBM

Live Virtual Classes (LVC) from IBM

In only one hour of time, take an insightful journey into a broad range of topics covering z/VM, z/VSE, and Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE. Live Virtual Classes are webcasts you are able to watch live, or replayed at a time convenient for you. LVC are offered multiple times throughout the year.

Blooming Basics of z/VM and Linux

Whether you are just getting started learning Linux on z/VM, need a refresher, or want to brush up on your basic skills, these one hour audiocasts may be just what you need! Offered in .mp3 format for easy downloading and listening on mobile devices or workstations, the series covers z/VM and Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE fundamentals.

IBM Technical Conferences and events

Online tutorials from IBM

Formal z/VM related classes and training from non-IBM sources

Communicating with others in the VM community

University and academic programs