z/VM Version 4 Release 3 Resources

Updated: 06 Feb. 2007

This page includes reference information specific to z/VM V4.3 and made available in the time period following its announcement, until central service ends on May 31, 2005.

 z/VM 4.3 is no longer marketed.
 Central service/support ended 05/31/05.
 Consider upgrading to a supported version of z/VM to take advantage of the newer pricing model and many new enhancements.

Announcement information
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Ordering and Availability

  • z/VM V4.3 General Availability: May 31, 2002
  • SDO (System Delivery Offering) - Updated May 2003
  • Upgrading to a current relase of z/VM.
  • z/VM V4.3 Withdrawal from Marketing August 15, 2003
  • z/VM V4.3 Announced end of service date:
  • z/VM 4.3 and the IBM eServer zSeries 900 server Refer to the z/VM subset of the 2084DEVICE Preventive Service Planning (PSP) bucket prior to installing the z990 server.

Reference information

  • z/VM Reference Guide
  • z/VM V4.3 FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
  • Licensed Products Migration matrix for z/VM V4.3 (updated Dec.2002)
  • Vendor (Non-IBM Solution Developer) Product matrix for z/VM V4.3
  • z/VM Performance Report

Specification Sheets and Papers

Online product documentation and publications