z/VM System Management

Updated: 28 January 2015

See also z/VM Storage Management page.

System Management: Features, functions, and related products

Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT) on z/VM can manage, provision, and monitor physical and virtual machines, and is available with z/VM 6.3. For more information on xCAT refer to:


Operations Manager for z/VM
- See Tecdocs White Paper:
Putting Operations Manager Configuration Files and Automation EXECs in Shared File System
VM Resource Manager (VMRM)
Systems Management Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as documented in the z/VM Systems Management Application Programming (part of the z/VM product library.)
See also:
z/VM Systems and Storage Management products from IBM
VM Licensed Programs (LP) Migration Matrix
IBM z/VM Cloud Connector

Products and Solutions from Independent Software Vendors
ISV products that run on z/VM
Search the IBM Global Solutions Directory of IBM Partner products

Networking, Security, Performance, Printing
z/VM virtual networking
z/VM security and integrity
VM performance resources (z/VM report, tips, FAQ, etc.)
VM printing resources (tips, links, etc)

Downloads and Discussions with the VM Community
Listserv discussions with the VM and Linux community
VM Downloads

Recent Presentations
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         IBM Director
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         of z/VM and Linux on System z
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