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From Mark Cibula, IBM.

CHKAPARS is a utility for checking z/VM component or product service that is on a given z/VM 7.2 system, and which is not in the base of a 7.3 level z/VM system. While most closed APARs for which a PTF is available prior to the GA of a new z/VM release are included in the base of that release, there are instances where that cannot be accomplished for all such fixes, due to the packaging "code freeze" point that occurs during the development of a new release.

This utility requires the VMSES/E SERVICE STATUS command ALLAPARS support (Available with z/VM 720 and later) and the same privilege classes that are defined (by default) for the MAINT720 user ID — these being: ABCDEFG

Thus, it's advised that this utility be run while logged on the MAINT720 user ID.

The utility generates a CHKAPARS REPORT file on the A-disk that includes three sections (for a given z/VM product/component), which describes:

  • APARs on your 7.2 system that are already in base of 7.3
  • APARs on your 7.2 system that are NOT in base of 7.3
  • APARs in the base of 7.3 that you do not have on 7.2

For operational details, consult the prolog of the CHKAPARS EXEC, or its provided CMS HELP file (CHKAPARS HELPVMSE).