RSCS FL 530 Enhancements

Product Number: 5684-096 Function Level 530

  • IPLA software product with new, improved Ts&Cs
  • RSCSDNS updated to use GetAddrInfo routine instead of GetHostByName
    • honors all of the DNS type statements in TCPIP DATA
    • also supports use of the ETC HOSTS file
  • New RSCSAUTH service machine
    • RSCS Dynamic Authorization from a separate service machine
    • Authorized to issue all RSCS commands (except CMD and INIT)
    • Administrators use RSCSAUTH commands to authorize users for RSCS commands and links, and RSCSAUTH commands.
    • RSCSAUTH maintains authorization information in a set of tables.
    • A user will issue RSCS server command to RSCSAUTH instead
    • Command forwarded to RSCS after authorization checks. Includes Link verification check as appropriate
    • RSCS response returned to user via RSCSAUTH
    • If RSCSAUTH receives an RSCSAUTH command, it validates the senders authorization and processes the command.