RSCS 3.2.0 Enhancements

Product Number: 5684-096 Release 3.2.0

  • Route print output (LPR) to a TCP/IP line printer DAEMON (LPD) for distribution of print data in a seamless fashion
  • Receive data streams from a TCP/IP line print router (LPR) that can be destined anywhere within the NJE (peer) network or bridged back into another TCP/IP network.
  • Transmit RSCS print output to ASCII printers attached to Terminal Servers within a TCP/IP network
  • Transmit NJE traffic over a TCP/IP network from one NJE peer node to another
  • A sockets interface is provided, enabling customers to write their own RSCS TCP/IP drivers.
  • 31-bit addressing support allowing RSCS to use storage above the 16MB line.
  • Enhanced VMSES/E support with the enablement the sample exit routines supplied with RSCS 3.2.
  • RJE/MRJE workstation enhancements
  • FORM and MODE options on the LINKDEFINE statement
  • 5-digit spool ID support
  • Addition of NETDATA parameter for NOTIFY-type links.
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