RSCS Data Interchange Manager

Product Number: 5684-096 Release 3.2.0

The RSCS Data Interchange Manager Feature provides support for the exchange of electronic mail (e-mail) between VM and SMTP users within all TCP/IP networks serving as a bridge for exchanging mail between networks using the NJE facility such as VM/ESA, and networks using the SMTP protocol such as the Internet.

The VM mail can be PROFS, OfficeVision, or CMS Notes. It also provides the ability to customize the operation to support the message format that may be in use by your particular location. All e-mail from the network will be translated into that locally used message format so that your end users need only ever see what they are accustomed to viewing on their VM system.

This feature is of the RSCS 3.2.0 base.

SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, used on Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks.