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z/VM Installation News

Updated: 11 November 2016 (see also z/VM Site News)

For your awareness:

  • z/VM Cloud Manager Appliance - Liberty Shipped with z/VM 6.4

    z/VM Cloud Manager Appliance is now provided without charge for all z/VM orders.

  • OSA/SF MODULE Rebuild Requirement (for z/VM 6.3) (December 2013)

    Customers using OSA/SF on z/VM 6.3 need t to rebuild some parts that were incorrectly supplied at an older service level. Detailed instructions for rebuilding affected OSA/SF modules are provided on the z/VM Service Tips page.

    This problem is resolved with application of the 6304 RSU.

  • Installing z/VM 620 on a z13 processor (April 2014)

    In order to IPL z/VM 620 on a z13, you must have the z/VM 620 PTF for z13 compatibility, UM34521, installed on your z/VM 620 system. Since this PTF is not part of the z/VM 620 installation software, for a new installation of z/VM 620, you will need to perform the installation on a zEC12 or older processor and then install the PTF for hardware compatibility on your z/VM 620 system. Once the PTF is installed you can IPL your z/VM 620 system on your z13.

    For additional information on z13-related service that is needed for z/VM see hardware preventive service planning (PSP) bucket 2964DEVICE. The z/VM subset is 2964/ZVM.