Photo Library - 2001 IBM Conference in Jacksonville

The 2001 (US) z/VM, VSE, and Linux on Enterprise Servers Technical Conference was held at the new Adam's Mark Hotel in Jacksonville, FL. IBM colleagues were kind to share their photos:
  • Jim Elliott shared his photos of the IBM booths in the EXPO area.
    • Linux for zSeries booth : staffed by Jim Elliott (IBM) and Ross Waitman (IBM). The bear and penguin are sitting atop the display screen on the Multiprise. (The zSeries was enroute to another show).
    • z/VM booth: Pam Christina (IBM) with z/VM Web Master Brian Wade (IBM)
    • S/390 SUF booth: Steve Saroka (IBM) demoed the S/390 Service Update Facility.
    • IBM Global Services : don't be fooled by the sign; Sam Cohen (IBM) talked about all the zSeries services
    • xSeries EFS booth : The new xSeries server enabled for S/390 was shown here. In this photo (L to R) Jim Reynolds (IBM), Mike Augustine (IBM), Mark Majhor (IBM Beaverton), and Gary Eheman (IBM).
    • MQSeries booth: Christianne Sims (IBM) discussed MQSeries for S/390 and zSeries.
    • VSE INFO booth: delegates helped themselvesato VSE information at this booth was staffed by Julie Liesenfelt (IBM) and Ulrich Ellwart (IBM).
    • VSE e-business booth: delegates learn about the latest with VSE.
    • CICS booth: Chris Smith (IBM) discussed CICS Transaction Server for VSE/ESA.
    • IBM TotalStorage booth: John Burt (IBM) talked about IBM Storage Solutions
    • IBM DB2 for VSE & VM booth: Josina Arfman (IBM) discussed the latest about DB2.