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Updated: 19 December 2014
Information herein highlights some Linux and z/VM-related topics and links to some webcasts, teleconferences, podcasts, Live Virtual Classes (LVC) about z/VM and Linux on System z.

About IBM Live Virtual Classes
About IBM System z Animations and Videos
About IBM developerWorks events
About IBM Software for System z webcasts

About IBM Live Virtual Classes

Would you like technical updates in one-hour segments? Listen to Live Virtual Classes (LVC)--Webcasts. Automatic replay and charts are made available.

About IBM System z Animations and Videos

  Listen to IBM System z animations and videos to learn what make the IBM mainframe special.

Topics have indcluded Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Security, Consolidation, SOA, Investment.

About IBM developerWorks events

IBM hosts a series of IBM developerWorks events and podcasts.

  IBM developerWorks Live! events
  IBM developerWorks Live! podcasts

About IBM Software for System z webcasts

  View list of webcasts for IBM Software for System z

For your convenience, each IBM Software Webcast and Teleconferences replays are available. During each replay you have an opportunity to learn about products, services and offerings. They focus on a variety of topics, including: Technical information on System z enterprise software solutions, Middleware to allow for interoperability between components of your business systems, Overviews and "how-to's" of development and mangement tools to help you maintain an effective IT infrastructure.


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"Live Virtual Class"
Watch for upcoming LVC's and also listen to replays of previously-held calls.