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Live Virtual Classes

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General Information
IBM offers education on a variety of z/VM, Linux on System z and z/VSE topics in the form of "Live Virtual Classes" (LVC). The day of the LVC broadcast, you can see the charts and listen to the speaker "live". In addition, you are able (and are encouraged) to ask questions of the speaker during a Q&A session following the prepared presentation. Please register for the section you wish to attend. Each LVC lasts approximately one hour, including Q&A.

The day following each LVC, we plan to post the the charts here in PDF format. Shortly thereafter we plan to provide a replay where you can read the charts, hear the recording and the Q&As. You are welcome to read the charts or listen to the playbacks when you can't participate 'live' or even if you wish to hear it all again.

Automatic Notification
For automatic notification of changes to this page, including additions to the schedule, click on the "Notify me" link in the navigation section on the left.

To be reminded of these virtual classes via email, contact Stephanie Gherghe, please mention "Linux and z/VM Webcasts" in the subject line of your email to Stephanie.

Upcoming Live Virtual Classes (LVC)

Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Topic: Java on IBM z13 - A Performance Update
Speaker: Marc Beyerle
Abstract: With the advent of IBM z13, many new and exciting technologies were introduced into the z/Architecture, the most prominent examples being Simultaneous MultiThreading (SMT) and Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD). There are, however, additional Java-related improvements that might be lesser known to the wider public such as improvements to cryptography. This session will explain and quantify the benefits of the new z13 technologies for Java and highlight the conditions when your own applications can best exploit the new features.
Presentation Charts: TBD
Registration Link:

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Topic: Hybrid Cloud with z Systems and SoftLayer with Live Demo
Abstract: After a brief introduction of Hybrid Cloud, its concepts, and the demo architecture and infrastructure, a Hybrid Cloud landscape is demonstrated on a life environment, based on a simple 2-tier workload running on top of the Cloud infrastructure. A typical environment is used with on-premise z Systems compute resources located in Boeblingen and off-premise compute resources hosted on SoftLayer in Frankfurt. Hypervisors z/VM with xCAT and KVM (mainly on x86) are used. Based on this simple hybrid scenario the solution is explained in more detail, the network and heat templates are discussed, as well as the z Systems Hybrid Cloud Connect Test Drive (aka GWaaS).
Presentation Charts: PDF
Registration Link: