Online tutorial: IBM Multistream Pipelines

Duration: Approximately 17 Minutes
Audience: Anyone interested in writing CMS Pipelines
Language: English(US)
Prerequisites: IBM Introduction to Pipelines
In this tutorial, Will Roden discusses the how and why of managing multiple input and output streams using multistream pipelines.
Educational objectives: Understand input and output files and the flow of data in multistream pipelines.
Machine requirements:
Frame-capable (graphic), web-brower
Ability to play .wav (sound file)
Navigational tips:
This tutorial consists of a series of charts (gif) and associated sound (.wav) files. The left navigation bar of the tutorial lists the contents. It is set to "manual" mode, but you can change the setting to run automatically by clicking the "Chg Mode" button.

Click this link to begin the Multistream Pipelines Tutorial

presents previous chart
moves to next chart
returns you to this description page
provides an audion help with navigational tips
returns you to this description page
Chg Mode:
toggles between "manual" and "run" mode and displays the current mode in the mode window.
additional wait time before automatically moving to the next chart when in Run mode.
each topic in the left navigation will position you at its associated chart.

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