VM news and changes to the VM web site for 1999

(This summary has been modified to remove old/non-functioning links).

December 1999

November 1999

October 1999

September 1999
  • Announcements (US versions):
  • Did you know there is an MQSeries User Group in the NY/NJ area?
  • VM Teleconference, Sept 22:
    -Hear VM/ESA Release Update and Customer Experience
  • UK and Europe VM Bulletin (September 1999)
  • No charge, IBM VM Performance Workshop September 23/24 at IBM Bedfont Lakes. This is the place to be if you want to know more about FCON/ESA.
  • S/390 Partners in Development Member Solution:
    Sterling Software's VM:Webgateway ensures timely and cost-effective information delivery to Lafayette Life Insurance agents
  • IBM S/390 Bulletin (Issue 25, August 1999 is available)

August 1999
July 1999

June 1999

May 1999

April 1999
  • Announced:
    DB2 Forms (for VM and VSE) quickly builds DB2 e-business applications
  • Note that the April 28 VM Teleconference about "Expanding e-business Options" is postponed until May 13.
  • What's an ideal place for a VM technical update? The VM/ESA and VSE/ESA Technical Conference with your choice of May 24-27 in Orlando and June 14-16 in Mainz. Enroll today!
  • VM Events galore....
  • Is your VM system a Year 2000 ready release of VM/ESA? Issue "QUERY CPLEVEL". Currently VM/ESA Version 2 Release 2 and VM/ESA Version 2 Release 3 are the two releases that are enabled for Year 2000 at this time.
  • Looking for something on the VM web site? Try our VM Site Search powered by VM/ESA and the Reusable Server Kernel.
  • The April 1999 Edition of IBM S/390 Bulletin is available
  • Seeking interesting VM stories, articles, leads, and advertisers for the S/390 VM and VSE Solutions Journal (Volume III).
  • IBM COBOL Family White Paper

March 1999
  • Do not adjust your display; this really is the VM home page. We recently converted to the new IBM and S/390 "look and feel" and hope that it will provide consistency across web sites.

    We still have a few pages to tweak, but for the most it was accomplished with CMS Pipelines (and lots of XEDITing). If you miss the "yellow strip of links" we used to have on the main VM page, why not give our Site Map a try.

  • Mark your calendar for upcoming VM Events:
  • Some of you have noticed the redesign of the IBM and S/390 home pages and have asked about VM's page. Thanks for your interest. Yes, we are working on adapting the new design for VM, too.
  • VMSHARE archives have been made available on the web compliments of Princeton University and the CGI programming skills of Rob van der Heij.
  • Attention S/390 Partners in Development:
    The Spring 1999 S/390 Partners in Development Technical Disclosure Meeting is scheduled for April 26-30, in Poughkeepsie, NY (VM Day is Thursday)

February 1999
  • A wide array of VM activities awaits your perusal on the VM Events Calendar
  • IBM S390 VM and VSE Solutions Journal is available.
  • A ComputerWorld article entitled, "Webifying the Mainframe" discusses some real-life examples of using web front ends on "legacy" data.
  • VM and VSE folks in Portland and Seattle interested in forming a a VM and VSE user group may contact Melissa Curry of VM Assist, Inc.

January 1999


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