VM news and VM web site changes for 2003

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December 2003
  • z800, Linux on zSeries, z/VM...
    University of Florida's highly secure Grid bolsters scientific research
  • A December opportunity to hone your VM programmer skills:
    z/VM Training and Systems Programming Workshop
    December 8-12, 2003 in Toronto, ON.

  • You won't want to miss the December 18 HILLGANG in Reston, Virginia. Join with other VM and Linux enthusiasts in the Washinton DC area to hear about
    • Automating Application Startup under Linux
    • Sharing Kernel and Application Materials on Linux for zSeries
    • Universal Operating System for Diverse Hardware Architectures

  • The 2004 Events Calendar is filling up fast.... take a look!
  • The SDO z/VM 3.1 and SDO z/VM 4.4 information now includes November 2003 service. (With thanks to Steve Collins and Barbara Johnson)
  • Attendees of the 2003 zSeries EXPO and the VSE Technical Conference received a CD with the presentation handouts. Any topics not on the CD for whatever reason, or that have been updated and provided to us will be made available on the Presentations Web Page.
  • Register (by December 15, 2003). to receive a complimentary Linux on zSeries Redbooks collection

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