1997 Summary of VM Site Changes

(This summary has been modified to remove old/non-functioning links).

December 1997

  • Did you know that TCP/IP for VM is a priced feature for VM/ESA? Read about that and enjoy a re-designed TCP/IP for VM home page.
  • VM Events -- the list is growing.

November 1997

  • Apply to participate in the next ITSO Opportunity that will result in a Redbook about Java and NetRexx in a VM based Network Computing environment
  • New VM Course from IBM Education and Training: BG940 - Managing the Year 2000 Transformation with VM/ESA

  • New page comprising VM educational resources

  • VM teleconference
  • Just announced... OfficeVision/VM Release 4. It is Year 2000 ready with 31-bit support, SFS-A disk toleration and more...

October 1997

  • New or enhanced web servers for VM:
    • EnterpriseWeb Secure/VM from Beyond Software, Inc.
    • VM:Webserver 1.4 and VM:Webserver for OfficeVision 1.2 from Sterling Software, Inc.
  • Listen to "What's New with VM/ESA" Teleconference, and view the teleconference foils on the web.
  • IBM Announces VM/ESA Version 2 Release 3
  • 86 Answers to your most pressing questions about VM/ESA V2 R3.0. (82 questions were replaced with 86 questions on 17 October).
  • Press Release for medium IBM S/390 enterprise
  • Reference tables updated for VM/ESA V2R3.0:
    • VM/ESA Guest Support Matrix
    • VM/ESA Processor Support Matrix
    • VM/ESA Device Support Matrix
    • VM Licensed Products Migration (LPMIGR) Matrix
    • VM Vendor Products Matrix
  • VM/ESA 2.3.0 preview: CMS Pipelines DATECONVERT stage and enhanced DateTimeSubtract CSL routine, and the Princeton University CMS Pipelines File Distribution Page

  • Preview: Strategy and Overview for Medium-sized S/390 Enterprises (US) Announcement Letter, 397-169. Visit www2.ibmlink.ibm.com for worldwide announcement letters.
  • (USA) IBM announced marketing agreement with MiraSoft, Inc. for VM Timing Facility Monitors> -- in support of Year 2000 Projects in the VM Environment
  • Product and Service providers for VM and Year 2000

  • Message from VM's Product Owner
  • Main VM page was redesigned.
  • InformationWeek article Beyond Software: Web-to-Mainframe Software, by Claire Tristram, featuring customers of Beyond Software with VM web servers.

  • Upcoming IPSO events
  • High-end UK retailer, Coats Viyella Fashion Retail division (which includes high-quality Jaeger and Viyella apparel) sails through high-volume shopping periods with the aid of their IBM S/390 Multiprise 2000 and VM/ESA V2 and VSE/ESA V2.

September 1997

  • Respond to six questions to tell us how important it is for you to share VSAM data.
  • Download and test drive the beta for MQSeries Client for VM/ESA
  • Enroll now in IBM's 2-day VM & VSE Quo Vadis? Conference to be held 13-14 October in Warwick, UK.
  • VM Customers want to hear your VM Year 2000 experiences

August 1997

  • Happy Birthday, VM !
  • IBM VM Development Group receives ITAA*2000 Certification
  • Are you concerned about mail spamming issues? Read what VM TCP/IP is doing to address it.
  • Check out the VM Customer Reference Lead Form. Perhaps you or one of your VM customers would like to become a formal VM reference.
  • Looking for something special? Do a tailored search in the Global Software Solutions catalog

  • Customers share their Year 2000 experiences when IBM's VM Teleconference series resumes. The next Sterling Software teleconference topic is WWW Security
  • Attendees of the VM & VSE Technical Updates in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok.
  • Catch up on "ESA" at Southern US VM and VSE Day Roadshows.

  • iSource -- customized electronic source of IBM information, including announcements...
  • Some have inquired about the nifty tools that formerly were part of VM/IPF and IPF/XA. You can find them in CUF, CMS Utilities Feature.
  • Review the latest ATS (or WSC) Flashes
  • Sterling Software's VM:Webserver takes Air Force applications to new heights.

  • Sampling of new tools for download.
    DOCTOPIC - tool to provide text-only web access to BookManager books
               stored on VM/CMS.
    GUI-APPL - a collection to CMS GUI applications in REXX.
    N2D      - OVVM Notes to Document and OVVM add-on goodies.

July 1997

  • Our VM web site runs (ran) VM/ESA Version 2 Release 2
  • What's next from the ITSO? Read about the VM/ESA Year 2000 Migration Case Study
  • Be the first on your block to get the hot new Redbook S/390 - IBM Network Station (for OS/390 and VM/ESA).
  • (USA) IBM announced a marketing agreement with Beyond Software to market additional web-related products for VM/ESA.
  • Additional service providers for VM and the Year 2000.
  • German GSE (Guide Share Europe) and DB2 (VM/VSE) meeting
  • Summary and photos of 1997 VM-VSE Tech Conference held in Kansas City, Missouri.

June 1997

  • Apply to participate in VM-related beta programs for both the S/390 Service Update Facility (SUF), and for DB2 WWW for VM.
  • Order the tape from the June 25 teleconference on "Network Computing and VM/ESA: Optimizing Your Workstation Investment".
  • Summary and photos of 1997 VM-VSE Tech Conference held in Mainz, Germany.
  • See the agenda for the July 16 Hillgang meeting.
  • Read a presentation about downloadable tool, Personal Net Machine
  • Forbes ASAP article, Bigiron.com,
  • IBM International Technical Support Organization, ITSO News
  • Collection of web tools for VM.
  • Recent VM newsletter from IBM.
  • Refreshed copy (June 03) of VM and Year 2000 Technical Reference
  • A host of new VM-related events, including some 1998 additions
  • Attention Canada, you have two opportunities for VM updates: VM Workshop June 11-14 and Canada VM Users Group meeting June 20.
  • Attention VMers in the Chicago & Milwaukee vicinity, the next CAVMEN meeting is June 19, and includes an optional tour of the Milwaukee brewery.
  • Enroll now in IBM VM & VSE Technical Conference June 16-18, Mainz, Germany.
    See the agenda (as of 5June97)
  • Sampling of new tools for download.
    PIPESERV - A Pipeline Server: A pipeline stage with multiple facilities
    YR2000VM - Refreshed edition of Technical Information Describing Year
               2000 Support in VM
     TOVMWEB - Send package to VM DownLoad Library, including NON-IBM.

May 1997

  • DB2 WWW (World Wide Web) Connection for VM announced.
  • Version 2 of Charlotte is available via the VM download library. Enhancements to this VM web browser include table support, imagemap support, improved firewall support, and more.
  • May 28, VM teleconference handouts
  • Preliminary Agenda and Session/Speaker List for Mainz VM and VSE Conference.
  • New edition IBM Licensed Products Migration Matrix.
  • RSCS, featured IBM VM-related product
  • New VM web browsers and new web tools for VM and OfficeVision
  • Additional discussion lists of interest to VMers.
  • Some new tools available for download.
    -PNM Personal Net Machine
    -PICKPIPE Choose between the "field test" and VM/ESA versions of CMS Pipelinersions of C
    -QDEVS Displays devices owned by the system or a virtual machine
    -QLINKS Displays links to any user's minidisk.
    -XFILE Displays files being XEDITed by other users.
    MAPNUCX Maps nucleus extensions in other CMS machines.

  • New events and places around the world where you can hear an update about VM (including two new events in Asia-Pacific).

April 1997

  • An ITSO Residency Opportunity - Year 2000 Migration.
  • Need a VM update? There is sure to be one or more VM event to please you.
  • Going to Kansas City? Peek at the latest session abstracts and agenda for IBM's VM and VSE Technical Conference.
  • Enroll today in IBM's VM and VSE Technical Conference (May 13-16)
  • Check it out here, and also down load your own copy of VM/ESA Year 2000 Support Technical Reference
  • Non-IBM tool authors, revised submission process is easier than ever!
  • One-day VM and VSE roadshow coming to a city near you (especially for those of you with non-ESA systems)
  • More cool tools in the Download library.

March 1997

  • New submission process for non-IBM-written contributions to the VM Download Library.
  • To save $151.00 (USD) and be eligible to win one of four VM or VSE performance analyses, enroll in IBM's VM and VSE (Kansas City) Tech Conference by April 1.
  • Tune in for the March 26 teleconference on "Getting Started with OpenExtensions for VM/ESA"
  • Next CVMUG (Canada VM Users Group) meeting will be held in Montreal on April 4.
  • Updated VM Redbook list.
  • VM and the Year 2000 new home page.
  • VM/ESA Year 2000 Support - Technical Reference supersedes the design approach and update documents.
  • OpenExtensions for VM is open for business
  • ACTS Corp released a new consultant paper discussing the Internet, S/390 and VM.
  • Availability of IBM S/390 OSA/SF (Open Systems Adapter Facility) for VM/ESA
  • Communicate with other VM enthusiasts by subscribing to List servers or other related forums.

February 1997

  • Read how S/390, VM and EnterpriseWeb/VM help to conserve wildlife at Ducks Unlimited
  • Customer reference from Belgium's second largest Bank, Kredietbank.
  • Exploit the "virtual disk" architecture of RAMAC virtual array with IBM's new SnapShot for VM/ESA.
  • VM Support for IBM Network Station
  • Enhancements to IBM's PSF/VM (Print Services Facility/VM)
  • Something new for VMPRF
  • New products and web sites for Vendors with VM-related products
  • New web tool for browsing from 3270 terminals
  • New Redbook for VM Web Server Solutions
  • New section for Product Publications and Redbooks
  • Career opportunities - Endicott S/390 development
  • Notice our new masthead for the VM web site.

  • Enrollment information for the combined VM MasterClass and VSE Technical Conference, 16-18 June in Mainz, Germany
  • Updated brochure, enrollment info for IBM's 1997 VM & VSE Technical Conference May 13-16, 1997 in Kansas City, MO
  • The scoop on the VM Customer Call series
  • Boston area VMers are invited to attend VM Update '97 in Waltham, MA
  • VM and VSE Day Roadshows coming to a city near you.

January 1997

  • Announcing the combined VM MasterClass and VSE Technical Conference, 16-18 June in Mainz, Germany
  • Featured Product is TCP/IP.
  • Early bird special for the 1997 VM & VSE Technical Conference May 13-16, 1997 in Kansas City, MO
  • January Message from VM's Product Owner
  • Where's VM? At Events galore.
  • GA is here! VM/ESA V2 R2.0 became generally available on December 20, 1996.

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