VM Performance Documents

As of 03 July 2007

VM Performance Manual

This book, which contains performance guidelines and tuning information, is part of the VM Library.

VM Level  Order Number
z/VM V5.3.0 SC24-6109-03 PDF
z/VM V5.2.0 SC24-6109-01 PDF
z/VM V5.1.0 SC24-6109-00 PDF
z/VM V4.4.0 SC24-5999-03 PDF
z/VM V3.1.0 SC24-5952-00 PDF

VM Performance Reports

The performance reports contain performance measurement results. There is one combined report for z/VM and a separate report for each VM/ESA release.
z/VM Performance Report
VM/ESA Performance Reports

IBM z/VM performance products documentation
z/VM: Performance Toolkit for VM (SC24-2062) PDF
z/VM Performance Reporting Facility (VMPRF) Guide and Reference - SC24-6027 PDF

Monitor Record Layouts
CP Monitor Records

Monitor Appldata
Application Data Registration

White Papers, RedBooks, etc.

  Old Redbook - VM/ESA Storage Management with Tuning Guidelines PDF - some of this redbook went out of date with z/VM, but there is still some good background material in this book.
What's new in Performance Toolkit for VM in z/VM V5.1 PDF
Performance Toolkit for VM

Additional performance documents

Large Systems Performance Reference page Processor capacity sizing information.

LPAR vs. VM Preferred Guests While not strictly a performance presentation, this paper by Romney White covers the differences between LPAR and VM Multiple Preferred Guest support.

Performance Related Presentations.
A collection of Bill Bitner's presentations from SHARE, WAVV, and IBM technical conferences.

The Economic Value of Rapid Response Time. A wonderful paper that details the importance of good response time. Located on the Canadian S/390 page.