Service for a z/VM System

You are encouraged to keep your z/VM system on a healthy service level. In order to do this, it is recommended you stay on a supported release and service level. Keeping up with service and balancing what service to order are difficult topics. IBM recommends customers apply regular preventive service to maintain a healthy system. To keep up with service changes and information please visit the Service News page.

Types of service available:
  1. Preventive Service is fixes for problems already known and repaired. To prevent known problems from affecting your system, apply the RSU (Recommended Service Upgrade) regularly. To find the latest available RSU visit the RSU Content page.
  2. Corrective Service will help when experiencing a z/VM problem to see if it is already

Hot Topics

New Service download updates: The way service is compressed for Version 7 service orders has changed as of 5/13/2020. Service orders will use GIMZIP for compression. This new GIMZIP compression will not change anything for service yet and will use the same DETERSE command. This new compression will be used to improve service in the future. To get updates and additional information please visit the Service News page.

New Service required for the IBM z15

New Function to be delivered
z/VM puts out new function on a continuous basis. To learn about new enhancements going out and the proposed schedules see the Continuous Delivery page

New Function APARs page

GDPR Compliance Information
In compliance with GDPR, see the z/VM-Centric information page required for sending in customer debug data.