Service for a z/VM System

You are encouraged to keep your z/VM system on a healthy service level. In order to do this, it is recommended you stay on a supported release and service level. z/VM offers two releases in service to choose from. The most current release (z/VM 7.2) offers new function on a continuous basis through the service stream. The previous release (z/VM 7.1) will be functionally stabilized, it will continue to receive the latest service. To learn about enhancements provided through continuous delivery see the Continuous Delivery page.

To keep up with service changes and information visit the Service News page and be sure to visit the Hot Topics at the bottom of this page.

z/VM 7.2 now available

New The new z/VM 7.2 Apar page is available to identify what CP and CMS service is shipped and available at GA (General Availability date).

z/VM 7.2 new service management tool:

  • New z/VM Centralized Service Management, new with z/VM 7.2, will manage distinct levels of service for a specific group of traditional z/VM systems, locally or remotely, from one central system.

Types of service

  1. Preventive Service is fixes for problems already known and repaired. To prevent known problems from affecting your system, apply the RSU (Recommended Service Upgrade) regularly. To find the latest available RSU visit the RSU Content page.
  2. Corrective Service will help when experiencing a z/VM problem to see if that problem has already been reported.

Hot Topics

Red Alerts keep up to date on any potential high impact items.

New Service download updates: The manner in which service content is compressed for Version 7 service orders was changed for Shopz orders as of 13 May, 2020, and for all ServiceLink (IBMLink) orders as of 12 September, 2020. All Version 7 service orders now use GIMZIP compression. This newer form of compression is intended to be transparent with respect to how a received service package is processed, in that one continues to use the existing DETERSE command to decompress z/VM service package files. GIMZIP compression will be used to improve service with future z/VM service. To obtain updates and additional information please visit the Service News page.

Service required for the IBM z15

New Function APARs page

GDPR Compliance Information
In compliance with GDPR, see the z/VM-Centric information page required for sending in customer debug data.