VM news and VM web site changes for 2000

(This summary has been modified to remove old/non-functioning links).

December 2000


  • Columbus, Ohio is the site for the January 26, 2001 meeting of the MVMRUG, Midwest Regional VM Users Group. Les Geer of IBM Development will present RSCS and VM Printing update.

  • How to conveniently recycle uneeded computer hardware in the U.S.

  • (US) Purchase your IBM Base Education Card by December 31,2000 and save $500

  • Enrollment is open for May 7-10 2000 IBM Technical Conference in Jacksonville - z/VM, VSE, and Linux on IBM Enterprise Servers!

November 2000

Announcements and Events

Ordering, pricing, etc.
  • The "How to buy" page has been updated to include information about Workload License Charges, software catalogs, and the new phone number for buying US and Canada, 1-888-SHOP-IBM.
White Papers
October 2000

Announcements and Events

  • z/VM V3 R1.0 announced October 3, 2000
  • z/VM V3 R1.0 resources
  • TCP/IP for z/VM spec sheet
  • Enroll and listen to the S/390 Announcement teleconference
    (October 10)
  • Enroll in one of the upcoming announcement events taking place at locations in th US and Canada.

    Need Storage Info? Enroll in the October Storage Briefings: (Wash DC, NYC, Cleveland, Denver, Boston, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Calgary, Denver, and Toronto)

  • If you haven't made your plans to attend an October event, do check out the events calendar. These user groups are meeting this month and will hear the latest about S/390 and VM: WAVV, UK and Ireland VM User Group, IPSO, CAVMEN, MVMRUG and MVMUA.

Journals, Bulletins, and Customer success stories

  • Front Edge, a new IBM journal from the IBM Enterprise Server group, includes an article about David Boyes' Linux for S/390 experience.
  • Preview the contents of the next IBM S/390 VM and VSE Solutions Journal (Volume V) and see how to reserve your copy. Perhaps your VM site would like to be profiled in the next issue.
  • IBM z/Bulletin, formerly the S/390 Bulletin.

Linux for S/390

September 2000

Events and User Groups

  • IBM Storage Briefings US and Canada for September and October!
  • The IPSO User Group now includes a Linux for S/390 Club. Next meeting is October 25 - 26 in Paris and includes, VM, VSE, and Linux for S/390 topics and more.

Beta Programs for VM-related products

  • VM/ESA IMAP Server, Beta 1.5

New PSF/VM Function

Announcements (US Versions)
(See IBMLink for announcements in your country/region.)

August 2000

Linux for S/390

July 2000


  • IBM VM/ESA "First in a Location" Promotion orders must be placed on or before August 15, 2000 (see announcement for qualifications and details).

Linux for S/390
  • APAR VM62480 adds new VM function that will be useful with Linux for S/390.
  • Philadelphia is site of the July 17 meeting of MVMUA, Metropolitan VM Users Association

  • Hear the latest about VM, Linux for S/390 and more at the July 23-28 SHARE User group in Boston.

VM & VSE Technical Conferences

  • Thank you for your support in attending, presenting, and/or exhibiting at the 2000 IBM VM and VSE Technical Conferences. Both events were successful and we look forward to seeing you next year.

  • View the presentation handouts from 2000 Orlando.

    While many of the presentations are identical to those that were on the CD which was given to each attendee, the web site contains several presentations that did not make it on the CD and updated versions of several presentations that did.

  • Mark your calendar for 2001, May 7-10 in Jacksonville, FL. (The European event date/location is under discussion and we will let you know about it soon.)

June 2000

Linux for S/390

  • Read the Redpiece, the work in progress from the Linux for S/390 Redbook Residency
  • LinuxWorld article, The Iron Penguin, Part I by Neale Ferguson.

Be among the first to hear technical presentations about Linux for S/390 at the upcoming VM and VSE Technical Conference
June 26 - 28 in La Hulpe, Belgium:

May 2000

Linux for S/390
  • May 17, 2000: IBM Unveils Linux Software and Services for S/390 Server, Introducing Big Iron to Next Generation e-businesses

  • New Linux for S/390 page

VM and VSE Technical Conferences
  • Final agenda for Orlando VM and VSE Technical Conference.

  • Be among the first to hear about Linux for S/390. Included in the over 90 technical sessions about VM, VSE, and related topics, will be several Linux for S/390 presentations. Enroll today for one of these informative VM and VSE Tech Conferences where you can hear the latest about VM, VSE, and Linux for S/390, and more...
    -May 31 - June 3 in Orlando, FL:
    -June 26 - 28 in La Hulpe, Belgium:
Enterprise Connection (Teleconference) Calls:
  • Enroll in the May 17 call on Providing an OS/390 Parallel Sysplex Environment using VM/ESA
  • Enroll in the June 1 call to hear about Linux for S/390: New Application Opportunities
April 2000

IBM Announcements:

SHARK -- Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) Customer Success Stories Linux for S/390:
  • Recent articles from the press
  • VM and VSE Tech Conference in Orlando:
    Save $100 by registering by April 14 (registration fee of $1,075). After April 14, the registration fee is $1,175
  • S/390 e-business Solution Roadshow
    US cities will include session about Linux for S/390.
  • Hear about VM/ESA and Linux for S/390 at these April VM User Group Meetings:
    April 24: MVMUA in New York City
    April 28: MVMRUG in Canton, OH
VM Teleconference calls- technical update in an hour!

VM SDO (System Delivery Offering)

VM Education
  • Reminder of the upcoming VM courses from IBM in the U.S.:
    • S3731- Installing and Tailoring Your VM/ESA System
    • S3737 Using VMSES/E for Installation and Service
  • See also VM operator and programmer courses offered in The Netherlands by WTVE Consultancy

March 2000


  • Linux on Big Iron article by Daisy Whitney published on EarthWeb.Com
  • Scott Courtney's article , "S/390: The Linux Dream Machine", which originally appeared in LinuxPlanet

  • VM and Linux resources web page

  • Compiled binaries can be downloaded from http://linux390.Marist.edu/

Listen and Learn


  • The IBM® JavaTM Port for VM/ESA, Developer Release 1.1.6 is available.


  • VM customers, be sure to complete your entry for the Beyond Computing Magazine Partner Awards Competition (link removed)

Announcements (US Versions):

February 2000

  • S/390®: The Linux Dream Machine, an article by Scott Courtney published by LinuxPlanet

  • New collections of information:

  • Seeking participants for Linux on S/390 Redbook Residency (link removed)

  • IBM S/390 Software Catalog now online.

  • Be sure to take advantage of these hot topics at the next SHARE (March 05-10 in Anaheim) -- a series of sessions for a VM Web/Internet Certificate and several Linux topics.

  • February events and meetings
    • 02/2-4/2000 - LinuxWorld Expo
    • 02/02/2000 - UK & Ireland VM Users Group
    • 02/7-8/2000 - VM Internet Training (by VM Resources Ltd.)

  • If during this time, Tuesday (Jan 25) through Monday (Jan 31), you attempted to enroll in an Enterprise Connection (Teleconference) call and have not received a confirmation, you many need to enroll again . Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Several publications in the VM Online Library have been updated since the General Availability of VM/ESA V2R4.0.

  • Important Year 2000 Support Information
    Beginning March 15, 2000, the following Year 2000 Preventive Service Planning (PSP) buckets will no longer be updated. They will be removed December 31, 2000.
    • YR2000VM
    • YR2000VSE
    • YR2000MVS
    For APAR and PTF information, please continue to use the usual support channels available today.
January 2000

  • January events and meetings
    • 01/20/2000 - CAVMEN
    • 01/24/2000 - MVMUA
    • 01/28/2000 - MVMRUG
    • 01/20/2000 VM Teleconference call has been postponed to May 17 due to presenter scheduling conflicts. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • New white paper:
    The Best Kept Secrets About e-business on VM/ESA

  • New Redbook:
    TCP/IP Solutions for VM/ESA (SG24-5459) (PDF format)

  • New bulletin:
    S/390 Bulletin - Issue 26, December 1999

  • Updated "download":
    The new level of B2H (Release 4.4) is now available in the VM download library. B2H reads files written in Bookmaster, Generalized Markup Language (GML), Script/VS, and even "flat" files, and converts them into HTML format suitable for use in an Internet World-Wide-Web environment.

  • If you plan to install RSU's and/or VM Program products in 2000, you must apply VMSES/E APAR VM62316. (Read more)

  • SHARE VM Survey...
    The SHARE VM Cluster seeks your help to determine the best way to serve VM attendees at SHARE and improve the offerings there. The data WILL NOT be used in any other way, nor given to any other organization.
    (link removed)
    All data is transmitted directly to Jim Vincent, Software Specialist at Nationwide, for compilation. (For questions, vincenj@nationwide.com)

December 1999


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