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The manner in which service content is compressed for Version 7 service orders was changed as of 13 May, 2020 (for Shopz orders) and as of 12 September, 2020 (for all ServiceLink {IBMLink} orders). All Version 7 service orders now use GIMZIP compression.

This newer form of compression — noted as v7 format by the mentioned ordering tools — is intended to be transparent with respect to how a received service package is processed, in that one continues to use the existing DETERSE command to decompress z/VM service package files.

When ordering service for z/VM levels prior to z/VM 710, be certain that v6 (TERSE) format compression is specified for your order. If a service package is ordered with v7 format, the z/VM 640 level DETERSE command will fail with a return code of 1031. In this situation, the 640 service will need to be ordered again, but in v6 format, which then should allow for successful DETERSE processing.

Note that GIMZIP compression will be used to improve service in the future, so please return to this page for updates. Please Follow all instructions that came with the service order, including ignoring the GIMPAF XML and GIMPAF XSL files.

New z/VM 6.4 dates: End of Marketing and the upcoming End of Service

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z/VM puts out new function on a continuous basis. To learn about new enhancements going out and the proposed schedules see the Continuous Delivery