z/VM resources for Linux on IBM z Systems

IBM z Systems customers can enjoy the benefits of running Linux in virtual machines on IBM z Systems.

z/VM supports one of the world's leading Open Source operating systems, Linux, on the mainframe. Within the z/VM environment, Linux images benefit from the ability to share hardware and software resources and use internal high-speed communications. While benefiting from the reliability, availability and serviceability of IBM z Systems servers, z/VM offers an ideal platform for consolidating select UNIX™, Windows™, and Linux workloads on a single physical server which allows you to run hundreds to thousands of Linux images. z/VM V6 use an engine-based Value Unit pricing which is designed to provide a decreasing price curve as hardware capacities and workload grow, which may help improve price/performance.

With many guest support enhancements over the years, z/VM offers customers a functionally-rich environment for running Linux on IBM z Systems. Learn more about the latest IBM z Systems servers and IBM LinuxOne .

Instead of building their own Linux system (see IBM developerWorks) , most people obtain a pre-built commercial distribution of Linux.

Getting started

  • If you will be supporting Linux on z/VM, consider attending one of the course offerings from IBM Learning Services.
  • Visit z/VM's library page, which includes the z/VM: Getting Started with Linux on z Systems publication
  • VM Education resources, including LVC's
  • Events and usergroups are an excellent source of technical presentations and product updates.
  • IBMers: please visit Global Campus on IBM intranet for additional IBM-only offerings.

z/VM and Linux documents and publications

White Papers/Technical Papers

z/VM and Linux on z Systems Redbooks, drafts & Redpapers

- Virtualization Cookbook for RHEL 6.0 on z/VM
- Virtualization Cookbook for SLES 11 SP1
- Sharing and maintaining RHEL 5.3 Linux under z/VM
- z/VSE Using DB2 on Linux for System z
- Leveraging IBM Cognos 8 BI for Linux on IBM System z
- Practical Migration to Linux on System z
- Implementing Application Servers on Linux on System z
- Linux on System z High Availability with
    Linux-HA Release 2

- Use Linux-HA to Create a HA J2EE Environment
- z/VM and Linux Operations for z/OS System

- The Virtualization Cookbook for SLES 10 SP2
- Problem Determination for Linux on System z
- Linux on z/VM: Performance Measurement and Tuning
- Sharing and maintaining Linux under z/VM
- Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/VM Basics
- IBM CCL for Linux on System z V1.2.1 Implementation
- WebSphere Portal Server Cloning on Linux on System z
- The Virtualization Cookbook for SLES9:
- Best Practices for Lotus Domino on System z
- Linux for zSeries and System z9
- From LPAR to Virtual Servers in Two Days
- Cloning FCP-attached SCSI Disks on SLES9 Linux for zSeries
- Networking Overview for Linux on zSeries
- Implementing Fibre Channel Protocol
- Accounting and Monitoring for z/VM Linux guest machines
- Linux for S/390 Redbook
- Building Linux Systems Under VM
- Cloning Linux Images in z/VM
- Large Scale Linux Deployment
- Linux for zSeries and S/390: ISP/ASP Solutions
- Linux for zSeries and S/390: Distributions
- Data Mart Solutions with DB2 for Linux on zSeries
- Linux on zSeries: Application Dev.
- Linux on zSeries: Systems Mgmt.
- High Availability for z/VM and Linux
- Getting Started with zSeries Fibre Channel Protocol
- Experiences with Oracle for Linux on zSeries
- Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Porting LEAF
- Managing a Samba Server from z/VM
- Performance Measurement and Tuning
- IBM Lotus Domino 6.5 for Linux on zSeries Implementation
- z/VM Configuration for WebSphere Deployments
- Linux with zSeries and ESS: Essentials
- Format/Label a DASD Volume for Linux Guests Under z/VM
- Partitioning DASD for Linux Guests
- Building SuSE SLES8 Systems under z/VM