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z/VM Version 6 Release 4 Architecture Level Set

z/VM V6.4 will operate on: IBM z13, IBM z13s, IBM LinuxONE Emperor, IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper, IBM zEnterprise (EC12, BC12, 196, 114) or equivalent server.

Specifically, the architecture level required by z/VM V6.4 is z/Architecture with the following facilities:

  • Compare-and-swap-and-store facility
  • Compare-and-swap-and-store facility 2
  • DAT-enhancement facility 1
  • DAT-enhancement facility 2
  • Decimal-floating-point facility
  • Distinct-operands facility
  • Enhanced suppression on protection
  • ETF2-enhancement facility
  • ETF3-enhancement facility
  • Execute-extensions facility
  • Extended-immediate facility
  • Extended-translation facility 2
  • Extended-translation facility 3
  • Fast-BCR-serialization facility
  • Floating-point-support enhancement facilities (comprising the FPR-GR-loading, FPS-sign-handling, and DFP-rounding facilities)
  • General-instructions-extension facility
  • High-word facility
  • Interlocked-access facility 1
  • List-directed initial-program-load
  • Load/store-on-condition facility 1
  • Long-displacement facility
  • Message-security assist
  • Move-with-optional-specifications facility
  • Parsing-enhancement facility
  • PFPO facility
  • Population-count facility
  • Store-clock-fast facility
  • Store-facility-list-extended facility

Refer to z/Architecture Principles of Operation, Chapter 1, for descriptions of these facilities.

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