z/VM V6.1 Preview Summary and Statements of Direction

Updated: 07 July 2009

Today, IBM announced a preview of z/VM Version 6 Release 1 (V6.1), the newest version of z/VM that is intended to be the base for all future z/VM enhancements. z/VM V6 requires a new architectural level available only on IBM System z10 servers or later. z/VM V6.1 is also designed to offer:

  • Guest LAN and Virtual Switch (VSWITCH) exploitation of the Prefetch Data instruction to use new IBM System z10 server cache prefetch capabilities to help improve the performance of guest-to-guest streaming network workloads
  • Closer integration with IBM Systems Director by shipping the Manageability Access Point Agent for z/VM to help simplify installation of the agent
  • Inclusion of post-z/VM V5.4 enhancements delivered in the IBM service stream.

This release provides the basis for some major future enhancements as indicated by the announced Statements of Direction* that include:

  • z/VM Single System Image:
    IBM intends to provide capabilities that permit multiple z/VM systems to collaborate in order to provide a single system image. This is planned to allow all z/VM member systems to be managed, serviced, and administered as one system across which workloads can be deployed. The single system image is intended to share resources among all member systems.
  • z/VM Live Guest Relocation:
    IBM intends to further strengthen single system image support by providing live guest relocation. This is planned to provide the capability to move a running Linux virtual machine from one single system image member system to another. This is intended to further enhance workload management across a set of z/VM systems and to help clients avoid planned outages for virtual servers.

It was important to deliver a new z/VM release as a mechanism to set the stage for these planned future enhancements.

The virtualization technology provided by z/VM and the IBM System z platform is a cornerstone and key enabler for building a dynamic infrastructure and may help clients achieve operational goals of high availability, business resilience, improved speed-to-market, better resource control and reporting, and the flexibility to expand and contract system resources with changing business demands.

More specific details regarding z/VM V6.1 will be forthcoming in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Additional questions related to this announcement are available at: ibm.com/vm/faq/faq61.pdf PDF

* All statements regarding IBM's plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

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