Additional Hardware requirement for z/VM V4.4

Hardware requirements when operating the Integrated 3270 Console on pre-z990 servers with z/VM V4.4 (July 2003)

Hardware Management Console Version 1.8.0 or later is required to support the integrated 3270 console when running z/VM V4.4 on an IBM zSeries 990 (z990), 900 (z900), 800 (z800) or an IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G5 or G6.

This version of the Hardware Management Console is available on June 16, 2003 with the IBM zSeries 990 (z990). To operate the integrated 3270 console when running z/VM V4.4 on pre-z990 servers, an IBM marketing representative or IBM Business Partner must be contacted to do one of the following:

  • Upgrade at least one of your existing Hardware Management Consoles to Version 1.8.0 or later by requesting Engineering Change Announcement (ECA) 219. This will upgrade the existing Hardware Management Console software and hardware (if necessary).
  • Order a new Hardware Management Console which will be Version 1.8.0 or later.
z/VM V4.4 becomes generally available August 15, 2003

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