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Updated: 06 Feb. 2007

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This page includes reference information updated for z/VM V3.R1, specific to the release level and and made available in the time period following the announcement.

z/VM V3.1 has been withdrawn from Marketing (8/27/04).             
Central service ended December 31, 2005.
See z/VM V5.3 for the newest z/VM release.

Announcement Information

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06 Feb. 2007:
z/VM V5.3 Announced

03 August 2004:
Software service discontinuance for z/VM V3.1 announced to be December 31, 2005.
07 April 2004:
IBM IBM z/VM V5.1 extends zSeries on demand capabilities with Linux-related enhancements and introduces a new pricing model
13 May 2003:
IBM z/VM V4.4 Improves Virtualization Capabilities for Linux on zSeries
13 May 2003:
z990 compatibility support for z/VM V4.3, z/VM V4.2, and z/VM V3.1

29 Oct 2001:    Correction to RACF Requirements:
RACF V1R10.0 (5740-XXH) with APAR VM62598 (NOT VM62958)
to run in 64-bit mode on a zSeries or equivalent, if a security product is needed

04 Oct 2001:     z/VM V4 R2 Extends Core Technology Support for the IBM e(logo)server zSeries
29 May 2001:    z/VM V4 R1 Introduces Engine-Based Pricing - Reducing Your Cost of Computing
20 Feb 2001:    z/VM V3 R1 Now Available with Additional Enhancements
31 Jan 2001:    z/VM General Information Manual, GC24-5944-01 PDF
29 Nov 2000:    (US) NUMA-Q Hardware to Provide a Cost-Effective S/390 Entry Point, (100-362)
03 Oct 2000:     (US) z/VM V3 R1.0 Announcement Letter (200-358)
03 Oct 2000:     (US) VM Performance Products Enhanced to Support z/Architecture (200-359)

Ordering and availability

z/VM V3.1 was withdrawn from marketing August 27, 2004 as previously announced in Software Withdrawal Announcement 903-239, dated December 2, 2003.

Reference information

z/VM Performance Report PDF
VM FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Licensed Products Migration Matrix for z/VM V3 R1.0
LANRES - See the Migration Roadmap for LANRES for z/VM Customers PDF
Non-IBM Solution Developers Products Matrix for z/VM V3.1
z/VM and VM/ESA Reference Guide PDF (May 2001)

Spec Sheets

z/VM Version 3 Release 1 spec sheet   PDF (May 2001)
TCP/IP Feature for z/VM (feature level 3A0) PDF (May 2001)

Online Publications

z/VM V3 R1.0 General Information Manual, GC24-5944-01 PDF
(Second Edition, January 2001)
z/VM V3R1.0 Online Library


View charts from z/VM V3.1 and TCP/IP for z/VM Overview teleconference
View the charts PDF