z/VM TCP/IP VSWITCH Controller Maintenance

Virtual Switch Controller Maintenance Levels

The z/VM TCP/IP stack plays an important role in the Virtual Switch. It initializes the OSA-Express device used by the VSWITCH, and continues to communicate with the OSA-Express as the status changes, such as when a new guest host couples to the virtual switch.

For this reason, maintenance of the TCP/IP stack is important to virtual switch operation.

If you are using virtual switches, you need to stay current with CP maintenance for the virtual switch.

For general z/VM TCP/IP maintenance, see z/VM TCP/IP APARs.

How to determine your current Maintenance Level

  1. Use the QUERY VSWITCH command to identify the name of the virtual switch controller.

  2. Use the NETSTAT TCP controller LEVEL command to display information about the TCPIP MODULE. Controller is the name of the virtual switch controller from step 1.

  3. Use the TCPSLVL TCPIP MODULE fm command for the TCPIP MODULE in use by controller. In the display look for the latest APAR applied to TCTOOSD, which is of particular interest for virtual switch controllers.

z/VM 7.1.0 Maintenance Levels

SERVLVL APAR PTF Brief Description
None Base n/a z/VM TCPIP 7.1.0 Support

z/VM 6.4.0 Maintenance Levels

SERVLVL APAR PTF Brief Description
PH04374 UI59590 Return Code X'200B' on Delete IP Multicast Request

z/VM 6.3.0 Maintenance Levels

SERVLVL APAR PTF Brief Description
1401RSU PM93646 UK96699 Unable to retrieve VSwitch Bridge MIB variables using z/VM SNMP
1501RSU PI20509 UI19055 TCP/IP Toleration of new Adapter Interrupt Facilities
1502RSU PI21053 UI26763 z/VM TCP/IP Support for Multi-VSwitch LAG
1601RSU PI52850 UI33731 Initialization of an OSD device may fail with DTCOSD396I RC E004 SETGROUPPARMS

z/VM 5.4.0 Maintenance Levels

SERVLVL APAR PTF Brief Description
0901RSU PK67610 UK41399 New function: Virtual Switch (VSWITCH) Controller Port Isolation.
0902RSU PK78844 UK44453 VSWITCH controller stack ABENDs with PRG005 during failover.
1001RSU PK81547 UK50496 TCP/IP OSA Device initialization does not complete when virtual device numbers differ from real device numbers.
1102RSU PM27808 UK69960 NETSTAT ARP ALL command only displays up to 256 entries.
1202RSU PM70790 UK81753 Storage leak in VSwitch controllers when failover is looping.

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