z/VM Sponsor User program

Last Updated: 3 December 2021

The z/VM Sponsor User program incorporates the principles of IBM Enterprise Design Thinking to engage interested customers in the early design stages of upcoming z/VM product features and enhancements. The program is available to all current z/VM customers at no additional charge. By participating in the design discussions customers can help shape the function to best suit their needs. Meetings can be held on an individual basis, or collaborate with other like minded z/VM Sponsor Users that can all provide insight on the absolute best way to design the product.

Sponsor Users provide strategic insight and user feedback while the IBM design team can provide information about product roadmaps, designs, protoypes and demonstrations.


Why participate?

This is your opportunity to directly help the IBM z/VM team design a product that will specifically meet your needs. You will have the opportunity to voice your thoughts, concerns, and pain points to influence design discussions. This is a direct line of communication to the z/VM designers and developers to get your ideas heard and allows us to action them.

Once the design has been initially discussed and development of the product is underway, Sponsor Users will be given the chance to validate the product to ensure it meets or exceeds the requirements.

What to expect?

Activities can include conference calls, screen shares, product demonstrations of the latest design, externals review, beta testing, surveys, interviews, and installation / product support. The amount of time you can offer is entirely up to you. Typically, the time commitment outside of the beta testing is less than ten hours. The Sponsor User interactions are handled as follows:
  • Kickoff call to discuss the item and gather feedback. We will use this meeting to focus on your pain points. Why are you interested in this item in the first place? (1-2 hours)
  • Design approach review call to discuss the product after taking into account the initial feedback (1 hour)
  • Email exchange or additional meetings may take place if clarification or further design feedback is needed (2-4 hours)
  • Product showcase (1 hour)
  • Beta testing (time varies based on the item)

How you can participate

If you are an existing z/VM customer and interested in learning more about the Sponsor User program, please contact Kerry Wilson (kerryw@us.ibm.com).

Please check the z/VM Continuous Delivery News for more information on upcoming product enhancements that may be eligible for Sponsor User interactions.