How to handle a DMSSLG278E message

Occasionally, when one or more message repositories have been serviced, you may encounter a DMSSGL278E error message when trying to run VMSES/E commands. This situation can also occur when starting TCP/IP servers after message repositories have been serviced. In the VMSES/E case, you may see the following messages:

vmfsetup zvm cp DMSSLG278E Unable to set requested language AMENG; AMENG forced DMSPAR280E Application VMF not active DMSMGM813E VMF repository not found, message 1965 cannot be retrieved DMSMGM813E VMF repository not found, message 1965 cannot be retrieved Ready(00100); T=0.01/0.01 06:31:22

The problem is in the CMS SET LANGUAGE command. The command occasionally mishandles an application's language files when a DCSS exists for the default CMS nucleus language. In this instance the default CMS nucleus language is AMENG (American English) and a NLSAMENG DCSS exists on the system. The VMSES/E commands and the TCP/IP servers all issue a "SET LANGUAGE AMENG ( ADD xxx" command to load their respective message language files. The CMS SET LANGUAGE command has a problem correctly setting application language files when it finds that a NLSAMENG DCSS exists and the default language in the nucleus matches the language in the DCSS. The message appears because of a conflict caused by the presence of two copies of the same CMS language files, i.e. the nucleus copy and the DCSS copy. This conflict results in no language files being loaded, either CMS or the application.

The bypass for this problem is to delete the DCSS for the language segment. Since the contents of the DCSS match the contents of the CMS nucleus language, there is no loss of function or capability. The steps to delete the DCSS are:

  1. Issue a "CP QUERY NSS NAME NLSAMENG" command and find the SPOOL FILE identifier number of the DCSS.
  2. Issue a "CP PURGE NSS spoolid" command, where "spoolid" is the SPOOL FILE identifier number from the QUERY NSS command.
  3. You should also ensure the VMSES/E does not rebuild the NLSAMENG DCSS with the next service application. Use the VMFSGMAP command to mark NLSAMENG as deleted. VMFSGMAP will update the appropriate VMSES/E tables to ensure the DCSS is not rebuilt.

    Notes if running z/VM V6R2:

    • You need to create a PPF override to SERVP2P for the CMS component to noop the NLS AMENG segment build list, DMSSBAME, in the :BLD. section. You need to do this to avoid VMSES/E PUT2PROD ending unsuccessfully with message VMFBLD2222E.
    • If you are running in a multiple member SSI environment refer to the z/VM: Saved Segments Planning and Administration publication for information on deleting saved segments with VMSES/E.


Last Updated: 11/16/2011