Help on Searching

Here is some help on the fields on the search form.

Field Meaning
Words: Enter the words or word prefixes you want to find.
How: Select AND to require that all words be present.
Select OR to require that at least one word be present.
Confine to: Supply a pattern that the URI must match in order for the search results to display it. For example, enter /rsk/* to specify that you want to see only the hits from the RSK directory, or enter */index.html to specify that you want to see only those hits from files called index.html. Note: if you do not include a '*' anywhere in your pattern, we will automatically append a '*' to it. So if you specified /rsk/, we would use /rsk/*.

Then click SEARCH.

The results table has the following headings:

Heading Meaning
Rank The ranking of this page. The page ranked "1" is most likely to contain information interesting to you (we hope!).
Page The name of the page we found.
Word Count The number of words from your search string that we found in this page. The more of your words we found, the higher we rank the page.
Friend Count The number of pages on our site that contain a link to the page we found. The more "friends" a page has, the higher we rank it.
Friend List If you'd like to see a list of the pages that contain a link to this page, click on the link and we will show you the list.