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Installation of the z/VM V5R4.0 System and Stacked RSU

The z/VM System is a pre-built VM system that serves as an installation platform for other IBM Licensed Products in the z/VM SDO package. The z/VM Guide for Automated Installation and Service should be followed to load the system from the delivery media. Once loaded the z/VM System may be tailored to your individual requirements.

The pre-built VM system contains the following:

Prerequisite IBM licensed programs:

  • EREP/VM, V3.5 (5654-260)

  • ICKDSF for VM, V1.17 (5684-042) (includes ICKDSF Standalone release 17)

    • EREP and ICKDSF are pre-installed on the z/VM 5.4 System DDR.

The z/VM System contains z/VM Version 5 Release 4.0 and includes the following components and facilities:

  • AVS

  • Control Program (CP)

  • Conversational Monitoring System (CMS)

  • Dump Viewing Facility (DVF)

  • Group Control System (GCS)

  • HCD and HCM for z/VM, function level 540

  • Language Environment (LE), function level 540

  • Open Systems Adapter/Support Facility (OSA/SF), function level 440

  • REstructured eXtended eXecutor (REXX)

  • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), function level 540

  • Transparent Services Access Facility (TSAF)

  • VM Serviceability Enhancements Staged/Extended (VMSES/E)

  • SFS and CRR file pools

  • Dasd Dump Restore (DDR) program

  • Translated CP and CMS message repositories

  • English and translated z/VM HELP files

  • 3800 printer image library object code

  • 3800 printer image library source

z/VM Optional Features:

  • DirMaint, function level 540

  • Performance Toolkit for VM, function level 540

  • RACF Security Server for z/VM, function level 540

  • RSCS Networking for z/VM, function level 540


  1. ICKDSF and EREP are not part of the z/VM product. They are separate prerequisite IBM licensed programs that are included in the z/VM System Image for convenience. Before using ICKDSF and EREP/VM you must be already licensed for them, or you must place orders for them to establish licenses.

  2. The DirMaint, Performance Toolkit for VM, RACF Security Server for z/VM and RSCS Networking for z/VM optional features are included in the z/VM System Image for convenience. They are installed disabled. If you decide to use any of these features, you must place orders for them so that you can enable them.

  3. The DFSMS/VM optional feature is not included in the z/VM System Image. If desired, DFSMS/VM must be ordered as a no-cost optional feature of z/VM.

Product Packaging

The z/VM 5.4 System Image is available as:

  • Multivolume 3390 DASD Dump Restore (DDR) image on 3590 or 3592 tape cartridges

  • Binary image on DVD or Internet delivery

  • The restricted source and the PL/X source are not orderable or shipped with z/VM V5. Both will be available as no-charge downloads from IBM Resource Link at

  • If you are not registered with Resource Link, you will be required to register for a user ID and password. You must also be licensed for z/VM V5.4 and entitlement will be verified when you request the source code. After approval, you will receive instructions describing how to download the code.

Except for EREP, ICKDSF/VM, and the NLS HELP files, the products/components/features are serviced on the stacked RSU. The stacked RSU will be updated and refreshed in the product install package. The naming convention for the stacked RSU is 54nn (ie. VRnn, where nn is incremented by one for each level built).


z/VM is the successor to IBM's VM/ESA operating system. Some products and functions supported on z/VM and some publications might continue to use VM/ESA in their names.

Withdrawal of distribution medium

z/VM V5.4 will not be available on the 3480 tape medium, satisfying the statement of direction made in the Software Announcement dated February 6, 2007.

Simultaneous with this withdrawal, 3490 Tape Subsystems will not be supported for installation by z/VM. z/VM continues to be distributed on 3590 and 3592 tape media, on DVDs, and Internet delivery through ShopzSeries. Effective November 5, 2008, service on 3480 and 3490E tape media is planned to be discontinued from ShopzSeries.

Also, distribution of the Recommended Service Update (RSU) on CD-ROM in Optical Media Attachment/2 (OMA/2) format has been discontinued for all currently-supported and future z/VM releases. SERVLINK files (virtual tape images) will continue to be delivered on the RSU CD-ROM.

Changes to the z/VM System Delivery Offering (SDO)

With the general availability of z/VM V5.4, the following changes have been made to the z/VM V5.4 SDO:

  • Removed shipment of the SDO Enabling Aid with the product order. The Enabling Aid is planned to be available by September 12, 2008, at

  • Removed Host Management Facility (HMF), V1.1 (5684-157), from the V5.4 SDO. HMF was announced to be withdrawn from marketing effective September 8 , 2008, in the Software Announcement dated June 2, 2008. HMF is replaced by IBM Operations Manager for z/VM (5697-J10), version 1 release 2.0, or later. Service support for HMF V1.1 is planned to be discontinued on April 5, 2010 as announced in the IBM Withdrawal and Service Announcement dated February 03, 2009.

  • Removed VisualAge Generator Server for MVS, VM, and VSE, V1.2 (5648-B02), from the V5.4 SDO. VisualAge Generator Server for MVS, VM, and VSE, V1.2, was withdrawn from marketing effective June 3, 2008, in the Software Announcement dated June 2, 2008.

  • Removed RSCS, V3.2 (5684-096), from the V5.4 SDO. RSCS V3.2 was withdrawn from marketing effective May 26, 2008, in the Software Announcement dated December 4, 2007. Discontinuous of service for RSCS V3.2.0 is effective October 31, 2009.

  • With z/VM 5.4, Language Environment (LE) is at Function Level (FL) 540. This Function Level of LE is required for the execution of LE Applications under z/VM 5.4. Therefore versions of LE at a Function level lower than 540 should not be migrated to z/VM 5.4. Attempts to execute LE Applications under levels of LE lower than Function Level 540 will fail.

z/VM V5.4 Information Center

IBM now publishes the z/VM V5.4 documentation in an information center using the IBM Eclipse Help System framework. Publishing in an information center is in addition to z/VM product documentation published in BookManager and PDF format and available through the z/VM Collection, the z/VM Internet Library, and the IBM Publications Center. The content of the z/VM V5.4 Information Center (information for the z/VM base and optional features) is identical to that in the traditional IBM BookManager and Adobe® PDF formats; however, the presentation might differ to some degree.

Advantages of information centers are:

  • Content is indexed by Google and other Internet search engines to help locate information more easily.

  • Custom searches can be created that include only the information you need for a particular task or job role.

The z/VM V5.4 Information Center is planned to be available on September 12, 2008:

  • On an IBM Web site, at

  • On a DVD, which allows you to install the z/VM V5.4 Information Center on a workstation or intranet. The DVD can be ordered (for a fee) from the IBM Publications Center using form number SK5T-7098

Removal of IBM Online Library: z/VM Collection on CD-ROM

The distribution of the IBM Online Library: z/VM Collection on CD-ROM as a no-charge deliverable has been discontinued with z/VM V5.4. One copy of the IBM Online Library: z/VM Collection on DVD will be supplied at no additional charge with each z/VM V5.4 order. Both the CD-ROM and the DVD are available (for a fee) from the IBM Publications Center, at

z/VM documentation on disk

The z/VM V5.4 Information Center is available on DVD, SK5T-7098.

The z/VM V5.4 Collection (which includes BookManager bookshelves and PDF libraries for z/VM and current IBM licensed programs that run on z/VM) is available on CD-ROM and DVD:

  • IBM Online Library: z/VM Collection, SK2T-2067

  • IBM Online Library: z/VM Collection on DVD, SK5T-7054


  1. Only unlicensed publications are included on the z/VM Collection.

  2. Some licensed programs might not have PDF libraries; some publications might not have PDF versions.

  3. The CD-ROM is a multi-disk set; the DVD is a single disk.

  4. The z/VM Collection also includes the following programs:

      IBM Softcopy Reader Allows you to view and search BookManager files and organize BookManager files and bookshelves.

      IBM Softcopy Librarian Allows you to manage BookManager files in a repository and download BookManager files from the Internet.

      Softcopy Receiver Tool Allows you to transfer BookManager files from the CD-ROM or DVD to the workstation or host.