Benefits of Using z/VM System Delivery Offering

z/VM System Delivery Offering (SDO) is z/VM's packaging structure which provides, from a central ordering point, a single deliverable which contains z/VM and a group of serviced IBM Licensed Program Products (LPs).

z/VM SDO is the preferred way for customers to install LPs with existing service.

The benefits to the customers of installing via the z/VM SDO are:

  • Integrated Service - Customers receive LPs with current corrective and preventative service pre-applied by IBM.

  • Semi-VMSES/E LP Compatibility - A large number of LPs that were not originally in VMSES/E format have been repackaged to be supported by VMFINS (the installation tool for VMSES/E.)

  • One or more LPs may be delivered on a stacked tape

  • Common Installation Methodology - Both VMSES/E and Semi-VMSES/E LPs are installed using the standard VMSES/E VMFINS installation tool.

  • Coordinated Delivery - All LPs are received at the same time

  • Installation/verification tested - All LPs in the package have been tested to verify they install together correctly.

Periodic refreshes include z/VM and a predefined list of LPs. Service research and application has been completed on these LPs. This ensures that LPs shipped through the SDO are at recent service levels whether used for installation or reinstallation.

In addition to addressing service, the refreshes provide flexibility by allowing new and/or upleveled LPs to be added to the packaged offering.

The addition of integrated service and the ability to add new or upleveled LPs serves to satisfy customer concerns with LP currency experienced in previous VM packages.