SQL/DS Version 3 Release 5 (5688-103)

  • Provides an enhanced recovery solution
  • Improves database availability towards the goal of 24 x 7 operations
  • Improves existing archive capabilities
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves compatibility with other products
  • Improves support for distributed database applications
  • Provides a base for improved decision support
  • Improves continuous operations and distributed database solutions in the VSE and VM environments

Partial database recovery

SQL/DS Version 3 Release 5 allows the recovery of a portion of the database and facilitates continuous operations by minimizing the time the database is unavailable during recovery procedures.

Faster online archive

This enhancement significantly improves the performance of the existing SQL/DS online archive capability.

CICS Database Switching

This capability allows changing between application servers without stopping and starting the online resource adapter. It extends the ability to switch between databases to VSE operating system customers who use online applications with CICS.

Compatibility items

These items facilitate operations in conjunction with other solutions.

They include SQLSTATE changes for interoperability between DB2 family members; Assembler Even Precision Packed Decimal Support so the IBM SQL/DS preprocessor can recognize host variables declared as even precision packed decimal as DB2 for MVS does today; C/370 (TM) Decimal Data Type Support which was added by the AD/Cycle (R) C compiler Version 1 Release 2.

DRDA limited accounting

This function records how resources are consumed on the database manager in a DRDA environment.

It extends the existing capability to the DRDA environment so customers can determine who or what process used the resources. ADDITIONAL CODE PAGE SUPPORT This enhances existing National Language Support and includes support for Traditional Chinese conversions.

Show connect enhancements

Helps operators identify which agent should be forced.

Improves usability and productivity by providing the CICS task number, the CICS terminal ID and the Resource Manager ID for all local CICS users when the SHOW CONNECT command is used.

Statement of General Direction

As a member of the DB2 family, IBM SQL/DS will continue as the strategic relational database product for the VSE and VM operating system environments. As such, it is IBM's intent to continue providing IBM SQL/DS customers with support and enhancements which maintain IBM SQL/DS's affinity with the DB2 family with support for functions like DataPropagator-Relational Capture and DRDA Distributed Unit of Work Application Server.

For additional information refer to IBM Announcement Letter 295-241 dated June 12, 1995.

Or visit the SQL/DS Development and Service home page.