CMS Pipelines Overview

CMS Pipelines is a programmer productivity tool for simple creation of powerful, reusable REXX and Assembler programs and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts for Web servers.

CMS Pipelines lets you solve a complex problem by breaking it up into a series of smaller, less complex programs. These simple programs, also called stages, can then be hooked together to get the results you want. The output resulting from a stage is the input to the next stage.

A series of stages is called a pipeline. Each stage consists of a stage and its operands. CMS Pipelines has many built-in stages. If you need a function that is not provided by CMS Pipelines, you can write your own stage, as many in the VM community already have done.

CMS Pipelines began with John Hartmann of IBM Denmark who offered Pipelines to an enthusiastic VM community. Eventually IBM incorporated Pipelines into VM/ESA. CMS Pipelines is shipped with VM/ESA but an enhanced level of CMS Pipelines Runtime library is distributed at the following Marist web site:


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