Photographs from 1997 VM and VSE Technical Conference

The 1997 VM and VSE Technical Conference was held in Kansas City, MO. These photographs were taken by Chuck Morse (IBM Washington Systems Center),a key contributer to the creation of the conference agenda.

General session presentations

Brian Walton, Director, IBM S/390 General Business, opened the conference with a perspective on the General Business strategy.

Joe Sitter, IBM Raleigh, treated the audience to a new perspective on Client/Server in his presentation, "Slipperier than a Watermelon Seed: coping with Buzzwords in the IT industry".

Amanda Bright, IBM Canada, ended the general session with a bang. A brass band introduced Amanda as she announced the new release of DB2 Server for VSE & VM...and bunches of balloons softly fell on to the audience. (Ok, so we couldn't help but to pop some of those balloons.)

Conference Exposition

Bill Bitner, IBM presenter, assisting with conference prizes.

Bill Bitner distributing door prize..

Another one of Bill Bitner.

What's in the bag, anyway? (yes, another one of Bill).

Steve Harriman, Sterling Software, presents a digital camera to a lucky winner.

Steve Harriman and Steve Revell, both of Sterling Software, Inc., busy discussing popular new products for web serving on VM.

Tom Murphy, IBM (on right) discusses VM support of the Network Station.

Discussions in the evening exhibit area

Barton Robinson, Velocity Software, Inc. discusses performance with Lea Stahr, Navistar International Transportation.

Yutaka Kawai and Tom Murphy, both of IBM Worldwide Technical VM & VSE Marketing Team confer about VM support of Network Station.

Tracy Dean, IBM Office Support, discusses S/390 Office Strategy.

Attendees enjoying refreshments during the conference expo.

Sampling the fare at the conference expo.

Representatives from Beyond Software, Inc. show their VM web serving and browsing products at the conference expo.

IBM VSE folks demo'd VSE on IBM Multiprise 2000.

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