NFS feature support for the Euro

Many different translation tables can be made available to NFS clients. The VM/ESA Version 2 Release 3 TCP/IP FL310 NFS feature has been updated so that NFS clients may specify the ASCII-EBCDIC translation of their choice using the new xlate=tablename optional parameter on a MOUNT request. If a file with the name tablename TCPXLBIN is not available to the VMNFS server, the mount request will fail. If xlate is not specified, the default translation table will be used.

The VM TCP/IP Version 2 Release 4 and FL310 NFS features have been updated to accept a euro-ready translation table as the preferred translation table. To do this, copy the selected translation table to TCPMAINT 198 as VMNFS TCPXLBIN and reinitialize the NFS server.

For more information about NFS, see VM/ESA's TCP/IP NFS Server Support.