LANRES Support for the Euro

The following code pages need to be modified to support euro:

Table Name Client ASCII Table Number VM/ESA EBCDIC Table Number Country
EWXENG2 850 037 USA / Canada/ Netherlands /Portugal /Brazil / Australia / New Zealand/Others
EWXGER2 850 273 Austria/Germany
EWXITL2 850 280 Italy
EWXSPN2 850 284 Spain/Latin America
EWXUK2 850 285 United Kingdom
EWXFRC2 850 297 France

You can apply this PTF or manually change the tables using the following procedure:

  1. Edit the Sample file that you want to change.
  2. Find "SASCEBC DS" in the code.
  3. At offset 'CF'X, change the '9F'X to a '0A'X.
  4. At offset 'D5'X, change the '0A'X to a '9F'X.

  1. Find "SEBCASC DS" in the code.
  2. At offset '0A'X, change the 'D5'X to a 'CF'X.
  3. At offset '9F'X, change the 'CF'X to a 'D5'X.

After the sample ASSEMBLE file is modified you can create a new MODULE by doing the following:

  • Using the changed assemble file (i.e. EWXGER2)
    -hasm ewxger2 (rld esd
    -load ewxger2 (reset xlatvtbl rldsave
    -genmod ewxger2 (from ewxger1 rmode any amode 31

See LANRES Installation Guide for any additional details needed for selecting or installing a translate table.