FTP Support for the Euro

The FTP server has been updated to enable individual users to specify the name of a particular TCP/IP ASCII-EBCDIC translation table that they wish to use.
site xlate tablename
site translate tablename
where tablename is the name of any TCP/IP translation table (TCPXLBIN file) that is available to the FTP server on the VM host. The translate table specified takes precedence over default translate tables and becomes the specified translate table until you specify another one. To cancel specification, enter the "site xlate *" command or "site xlate" without any parameters specified.

Note: If the FTP client does not support the site command, then try quote site. If neither command is available, consult your FTP client documentation. If you are unable to enter the site command, translations occur using the default translation table established by the VM TCP/IP administrator.

The VM FTP and TFTP clients support the specification of the TRANSLATE tablename option.

The FTP client locstat and status subcommands have been updated to display the default translate table name and the user specified translate table name, if one was provided.

See Base TCP/IP support for a description of the new code pages. Using different code pages for upload and download can result in corrupted data.