CMS Support for the Euro

  • CMS has been modified to correctly display all characters in code page 924 (ISO 8859-15), as well as other IBM euro-ready code pages. Support was added to recognize character set ID 1353.

    In order for you to see the euro symbol, your 3270 terminal emulator must use fonts that contain the euro symbol. Contact your emulator vendor for support information.

  • The OPENVM GETBFS and PUTBFS commands have been updated to increase the number of code pages that may be specified. Any code page specification that is valid for CMS Pipelines can be used with GETBFS and PUTBFS.

  • A new CSL routine, DTCXLATE, has been added to VMLIB CSLLIB. It provides an application programming interface (API) so that programs may use the translation information contained in TCP/IP translation tables (TCPXLBIN files). For example, the output from this routine can be used with the CMS Pipelines XLATE stage.

    For more information about DTCXLATE, enter HELP ROUTINE DTCXLATE on your VM system after applying service or refer to the DTCXLATE web page.