Consultants and Papers

Looking for a different perspective on platforms, products, and IT approaches? Read what the VM community says about their experiences. Also read what some industry experts and consultants have to say.

Comparing Virtualization Alternatives PDF
Published in 2012 by Solitaire Interglobal, this 36-page paper compares virtualization alternatives by examining thousands of customer sites and their use of virtualization. The findings of the study provide both insight into what other customers are doing with virtualization, but also a framework for key considerations.
Total Cost of Ownership for Linux in the Enterprise PDF
Published July 2002 by the Robert Frances Group, this 8-page paper discusses the results of evaluating Linux deployments in the enterprise for mid- to large-sized companies.
Linux for S/390 Trilogy

This three-part white paper discusses a consultant experience with an East Coast Telco and their Linux for S/390 implementation. Listen to an interview with David Boyes, CIO of Sine Nomine Associates and read Sine Nomine Associates experiences and presentations about Linux for S/390.

Bill Carico, of ACTS Corporation

VM and VSE Vitality (November 1999)

The Internet, System/390(r) and Serious e-Business
Appendix A specifically discusses VM's role.

Take Heart, Tainted Ones, an oldie but a goodie that makes one reflect on the Client/Server wave.

"The Dinosaur Myth"

" The Dinosaur Myth 2004 Update"

The Dinosaur Myth has been regularly updated in recent years as part of the Mainframe Market Information Service. The Myth was first published by Xephon, and is now maintained by Arcati ( in association with the author Barry Graham.

The 1992 report "The Dinosaur Myth" by Xephon was updated in 2002 but no longer appears to be available from http:///, but may be viewed in HTML at no charge at the Xephon's sister site.

In addition, code and articles published by XEPHON prior to January 1997 are available from Xephon's archives:
Additionally, SDS (Software Diversified Services) makes news articles available for download at no charge at the following web site: