IBM Directory Maintenance (DirMaint™) Overview

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IBM Directory Maintenance (DirMaint) is a CMS application that helps manage an installation's VM directory.

Directory management is simplified by the DirMaint command interface and automated facilities. DirMaint directory statement-like commands are used to initiate directory transactions. DirMaint error checking ensures that only valid changes are made to the directory, and that only authorized personnel are able to make the requested changes. Any transaction requiring the allocation or deallocation of minidisk extents can be handled automatically. All user-initiated transactions can be password controlled and can be recorded for auditing purposes.

Some of the DirMaint's features include:

  1. Written almost entirely using the REXX programming language. Both interpreted and compiled REXX is provided.
  2. VMSES/E support for install and service.
  3. Provides commands to manipulate every VM directory statement. These commands mimic the format of the system directory entries.
  4. Extensive error checking ensures only valid changes are made to the directory.
  5. Only authorized personnel are able to make requested changes.
  6. All user initiated transactions can be password controlled. All transactions can be recorded for auditing.
  7. All allocation or deallocation of minidisk extents can be handled automatically.
  8. Command authorization is controlled by use of command sets. Users can be authorized to use multiple command sets.
  9. The automatic re-initial program load feature ensures against loss of availability removing the dependency upon human intervention.
  10. Many user and system exits are provided. This allows great flexibility to meet your needs.
  11. Open command structure allows you to replace any command with your own-user written command, or add new commands.
  12. Minimizes DASD fragmentation.
  13. Ensures the integrity of CMS files by preventing new minidisk space from being inadvertently allocated over existing used space.
  14. System security is enhanced by providing the ability to enforce regular password changes.
  15. Additional level of security can be implemented by requiring a password be entered for every user transaction.
  16. Access to minidisks is controlled by either passwords or explicit link authorization.
  17. Online help is available for every command and message.
  18. A menu is displayed for every command if the command name is specified without any parameters.
  19. Supports directories in a Single System Image (SSI) cluster.
  20. Supports directories in a cross system extension (CSE) cluster.

Depending on your version of DirMaint, for more information refer to:

DirMaint FL 710 z/VM 7.3.0 Web Site, or the
z/VM 7.2.0 Web Site, or the
z/VM 7.1.0 Web Site, or the
DirMaint FL 610 z/VM 6.4.0 Web Site, or the
z/VM 6.3.0 Web Site, or the
z/VM 6.2.0 Web Site,
z/VM 6.1.0 Web Site
DirMaint FL 510 z/VM 5.4.0 Web Site, or the
z/VM 5.3.0 Web Site, or the
z/VM 5.2.0 Web Site, or the
z/VM 5.1.0 Web Site

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