Last Updated: 18 September 2020

Introducing z/VM 7.2

Available September 18, 2020: z/VM Version 7 ushered in the continuous delivery model and the concept of a two-year release cadence. z/VM 7.2 is the second release in this model. z/VM 7.2 includes all new function APARs and service provided in previous versions of z/VM. z/VM 7.2 also includes two new key features: Centralized Service Management and MSS Multi-Target PPRC exploitation.


z/VM 7.2 Expanding the Horizon

The z/VM 7.2 platform update presentation highlights information on the newest release, reviews the current releases in service, and then discusses the five value areas and the recent enhancements in each of those areas. This presentation focuses on the business value of z/VM and its enhancements and other planning information.

z/VM 7.2 General Information Manual

The z/VM 7.2 GIM contains an overview of the product and what has changed for the 7.2 release.

Ordering begins September 8, 2020

For information on how to order z/VM 7.2 visit:

Upcoming Function for z/VM 7.2

New function for z/VM 7.2 will be released throughout the product lifecycle. Find out what is coming and when.

z/VM 7.2 Data Sheet
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