IBM Directory Maintenance for z/VM (DirMaint™)

Updated: 2018-09-20
| 09-20-2018: updated for z/VM DirMaint FL710
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DirMaint Overview
IBM Directory Maintenance (DirMaint) for z/VM is a CMS application that helps manage an installation's VM directory. Directory statements can be added, deleted, or altered using the DirMaint directory statement-like commands. DirMaint provides automated validation and extent allocation routines to reduce the chance of operator error. [ More ]

With z/VM V7, DirMaint is a priced, optional feature and is automatically shipped on the z/VM V7 base product media: See the announcement letter for further details, z/VM 7.1.

The priced, optional feature of the IBM Directory Maintenance Facility (DirMaint) has released a new function level (FL710) in z/VM V7.1. DirMaint FL710 includes all service applied since FL640 plus support is added for the z/VM upgrade installation procedure exit (UPGDVHXT EXEC). This exit provides the interface between the z/VM upgrade installation procedure and DirMaint so that DirMaint can be used for all of the directory updates associated with the upgrade installation. In order for this exit to work successfully, some DirMaint configuration is necessary. If you plan to use the z/VM upgrade installation procedure with DirMaint, please see Appendix C. Preparing for the z/VM Upgrade Installation Procedure here.

z/VM V7.1 provides foundational support for a follow-on V7.1 deliverable that will increase the number of supported logical processors beyond the current limit of 64. This will allow clients to run a z/VM LPAR with more than 64 cores or threads to accomodate workload growth demands. Previous support of dedicating processors to guests is disabled.

In DirMaint FL710, the DEDicate and NODEDicate options of the SETCPU command are removed from the documentation and supported only for compatibility. The DEDicate/NODEDicate options have no function.

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Online Support for z/VM, where you can:

DirMaint service can be ordered on-line at IBM Shopz "Ordering Service" with ordering information tips available here.

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