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Last reviewed:  2022-02-25
Last revised:2022-02-25

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Work Assignments

Monitor Data

My enhanced MONWRITE can help you collect z/VM monitor data.

For other information about collecting MONWRITE data, check out this article.

Performance Stuff

z/VM Presentations contains several performance-related presentations of mine. Please look especially for these:

z/VM Performance Report contains articles about the performance characteristics of z/VM.

Here is some more information, grouped by topic.

SMT and Utilization

  • Article about SMT concepts and vocabulary
  • Article about CPU utilization
  • Article about CPU utilization in an SMT environment
  • Article about SMT metrics and how to see them
  • Presentation about z/VM, SMT, and the z13
  • Presentation about z/VM, SMT, and the z13 as seen through Perfkit

On the topic of SMT I will tell you I have become less and less willing to use the word thread. From the point of view of the operating system running in the partition, and especially from the point of view of the users or administrators of that operating system, there is little to no manifestation of the notion of a thread. Rather what we plainly see are the concepts of logical cores and logical processors. For a lot more information about this, please read, and please take to heart, the guidance in my SMT vocabulary article.

HiperDispatch and Unparking

  • Article about z/VM HiperDispatch
  • Article about the z/VM HiperDispatch unparking models
  • Article about an example of unparking
  • Tool for calculating partition entitlements

CPU Measurement Facility

Beyond Perfkit Reports

  • Article about tools beyond Perfkit
  • Article about how to see the D3 R2 encrypted paging counters
  • Article about how to see the D6 EDEV FCP counters

The z/VM Scheduler

  • Article about repairs we made to the scheduler in z/VM 6.4. Contains a lot of information about share settings, what they mean, and when they are meaningful.


Other Guidance

  • Article about how to transfer files from one CMS to another
  • Article about what to do with a file of filetype VMARC
  • Article about how to collect a TRSOURCE I/O trace

On the Download Library

I sometimes put packages onto the download library. Here are some of them.

Package Description
TAB2GC Automated charting tool for CMS (pdf)
R4MON Reducer for the EDEV FCP Monitor Records
CALCENT Entitlement calculator
D5R13CRY Reducer for the D5 R13 crypto (CPACF) counters

On the Personal Side

As part of its "Beyond the Box" series, in July 2019 IBM Systems Magazine published a very flattering article about me. I was delighted even to be asked.