Performance Toolkit for VM Feature: CSV Generator

Create Comma Separated Value (CSV) files from Performance Toolkit data

The Performance Toolkit CSV Generator is a useful tool for converting trend, summary, and history record files into CSV (comma separated value) files. These CSV files can then be used by spreadsheet programs to analyze data or be fed into another program to perform further data processing.

The CSV generation tool is offered on an as-is basis. If you encounter any problems with this tool, please contact us at

UPDATE - 2014-03-20
CSVGEN was released in 2008 for z/VM 5.4. The code and the COPY files included in the package were created and tested for this release. In 2014, some errors in the EXEC were fixed and the HIST COPY file was updated with additional fields added to HISTSUM files in z/VM 6.2. The processing of TREND and SUMMARY files generated by z/VM 6.2 and 6.3 has not been tested.

Do the following to obtain a copy of the Performance Toolkit CSV generation application:

  1. Download the CSVGEN documentation. A copy of this PDF can be found in the CSVGEN VMARC also.

  2. Download CSVGEN VMARC to your work station as CSVGEN.VMARC

  3. Upload the CSVGEN.VMARC file from your work station to your z/VM system. You must transfer the VMARC file in binary format.

  4. Unpack the VMARC file

    You must have a copy of the VMARC MODULE to unpack the CSVGEN VMARC file. To get a copy of the VMARC MODULE, see the VM download information page.

    1. Access the minidisk or SFS directory, where the VMARC file is stored, as file mode A.

    2. Convert the CSVGEN VMARC file to the CMS VMARC format:
      pipe < csvgen vmarc a
           | fblock 80 00
           | > csvgen vmarc a f 80

    3. Unpack and expand the CSVGEN VMARC file:
      vmarc unpk csvgen vmarc a

      This VMARC UNPK will place 57 files on filemode A using approximately 200 4K blocks of space. These 57 files consist of the CSVGEN EXEC, associated files, and documentation.

  5. Refer to the documentation in CSVGEN.pdf for instructions on using the CSV generation tool.