Performance Toolkit for VM Feature FL640

Performance Toolkit for VM provides enhanced capabilities for a z/VM systems programmer, system operator, or performance analyst to monitor and report performance data. Offered as a priced optional feature of z/VM, Performance Toolkit for VM is derived from the FCON/ESA program (5788-LGA), which was not available in some countries.

Use Performance Toolkit to reduce data from the z/VM monitor and produce reports and history files.

Performance Toolkit for VM Latest Service

  • Service is not cumulative. Each PTF is ordered separately.
  • Additional service information is available in Info APAR II13929.


Performance Toolkit for VM Changes

Performance Toolkit for VM has been enhanced in z/VM 6.4.

The following reports have been changed:

Performance Toolkit for VM: Changed Reports

Name Number Title What Changed
PRCLOG FCX304 Processor Log
  • Minor corrections for SMT-2 counts, real and standby storage, and percent suspend values
NSS FCX133 Shared Segments
  • Include overall NSS/DCSS count
IOPROCLG FCX232 I/O Processor Log
  • Minor corrections to reported CPUs and SSCH rate values

The following reports are new:

Performance Toolkit for VM: New Reports

Name Number Title Description
LOCKACT FCX326 Spin Lock Collision Activity
  • Replaced LOCKLOG report with an activity-style report showing mean lock behavior
CPUMENU FCX325 CPU Activity Selection Menu
  • Shows a seclection menu for all available CPU activity reports

Other Enhancements

  • Performance Toolkit for VM function level 640 is enhanced to exploit z/Architecture and its expanded set of instructions. Consequently, the PERFSVM virtual machine must run on z/Architecture CMS (z/CMS).
  • FCONTROL HMA command is new. This subcommand configures the High Memory Area (HMA) storage residing above the 2G line, that is, divides it into the internal page pool and print buffer. It can also display the current HMA settings and usage statistics.
  • FCONTROL LIMIT is updated to include new HMAPAGE, HMAPRINT, and STORB2G operands.
  • Expanded Storage (XSTORE) support is removed.