DFSMS/VM Functional Components Overview

Product Number: 5706-116 FL 221

There are four major functional components of DFSMS/VM FL 221:

  1. User interface consists of:
    • Interactive Storage Management Facility (ISMF), which offers a set of menus, data entry panels, and list panels that run on the user's virtual machine. Through ISMF, you can select applications to:
      • Perform storage management functions against the file and minidisk lists
      • Create file, minidisk, and management class lists based on your criteria
      • Define management classes
      • Edit and test automatic class selection (ACS) routines
      • Define the installation's space management policies in DFSMS configurations
      • Activate DFSMS/VM FL 221 configurations.
    • DFSMS module, which provides a command interface to most minidisk and storage management functions
    • DFSMSRM module, which provides a command interface to removable media services functions
    • A set of CSL-routine programming interfaces to removable media services functions.
  2. Minidisk management provides:
    • A high-performance data mover for copying CMS-formatted minidisks between like and unlike DASD
    • The capability to do an integrity-evaluation of CMS minidisks
    • The capability to perform the move and integrity-evaluation operations against a list of minidisks.
  3. Space management provides:
    • Automatic assignment of management classes to SFS files and directories
    • Automatic migration (with compaction) or erasure of selected SFS files based on management class policies
    • Migration to ML1 and ML2 (lower cost tape and/or dasd)
    • Automatic recall of migrated files upon reference
    • Command-initiated migration and recall of files.
  4. Removable media services (RMS) provides:
    • Support of the IBM 3495 Tape Library Dataserver to extend automated mount support and other library capabilities to VM users and tape management applications.